Tjorkill and Sylva

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Preceded by:
Beringar and Mathilde
Tjorkill and Sylva
Twenty-first Prince and Princess of the Summits
17 June AS XLI/2006 – 9 Dec AS XLI/2006
Succeeded by:
Gabriel and Avin

Tjorkill and Sylva, 21st Prince and Princess of the Summits, June 17th at Long & Short of It Tournament XLI/2006. Photo by Jean-Jacques Lavigne from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke.
Tjorkill and Sylva, 21st Prince and Princess of the Summits, June 17th at Summits Summer Investiture XLI/2006, just after their coronation. Photo by Rafe Neuton.
Tjorkill and Sylva, 21st Prince and Princess of the Summits, June 17th at Summits Summer Investiture XLI/2006, just after their coronation. Photo by Adrianne von Brandenburg.

Royal Progress


Lead Positions

Cup Bearer: Grafin Liesel von Langental
Garb Coordinator: Viscountess Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e
Gong Player Lord Lucas von Brandenburg
Head of Retinue: HL Emma von Bern
Head Guard: HL Tai Tjorkillsdatr
Head Scribe: HL Francesca Maria Volpelli
Personal Herald: HL Jean-Jacques Lavigne
Secretary / Court Reporter: Lady Acacia Gryffyn
Shaman: HL Tryggvy Landstaker

Coordinators, consultants garb-crafters, guards and scribes

HL Adrianne von Brandenburg
HL Alainne de Lacy
HL Alida Susa Yasamin of Jasmine Haven
Lady Aeowyn Tilghman
Graf Berek von Langental
Sir Brand deus-Leons
Lord Brian of Ledbury
Maestra Brigitta da Montanha do Fogo
Mistress Carla sans Question
Ellyne MacCruimen
Lord Johannes von Langental
Mistress Kaðlin in Stórráða
Mistress Keterlin von dem Drachen
HL Ivon Drengr
HL Laurin of Rosewood
HL Vasa d'Este
Lord Viktor Zagreev

Awards Given

Awards Given During the Reign of Tjorkill Khan and Sylva Khatun

Notable Accomplishments

  • Sylva Khatun was the first reigning Princess of the Summits that was not a native inhabitant.
  • Tjorkill and Sylva were the first Mongolian-titled and themed rulers of the Summits.
  • Tjorkill Khan and Sylva Khatun proposed a new Summits-level award to emulate that of the Kingdom of An Tir's "Order of the Carp" created by Duchess Lao. This award will tentatively be called "the Order of the Rooynox" which means "Immacculate Fish", or Mongolian Carp. The award reads as such; The Honor of the Rooynox created during the reign Tjorkill and Sylva in AS XLI to honorthose gentles who show excellence in persona development in the form of period dress, thought, speech, behavior and encampment. The symbol of the award shall be a silver carp,or fish, designed by each Coronet as they wish so that each may be unique to the Reign.


(Originally Posted March 24, 2006 on the Summits Yahoo Mailing List, after Tjorkill won Summits Spring Coronet)

Unto Their Alpine Highnesses and the good people of the Summits,

Greetings and salutations from your new Tanist and Tanista, Tjorkill and Sylva. We would like to take this time to introduce ourselves and extend Our gratitude to those good gentles who's kind words and deeds helped ease Our minds during the rather hectic times following Our honor upon receiving the accolade bestowed upon Us. We also wish to put forth what We envision for Our upcoming ascension to the Alpine Thrones.

Our Reign would emulate the Mongolian and Steppe cultures, as We feel would best represent the ideals of the Summits. The Khalkh-Mongol tribes lived far removed from the more populated regions of the time, as the Summits is to the Kingdom of An Tir.

Many of the Khans (rulers) choose Their Khatuns (consorts) from outside the local Empire so as to be a more informed people, as your Tanista is from a far-reaching Barony (Madrone). We can all learn from Her outside contacts and She will spread the word-fame of the Summits to the north. Because the Mongol tribes were isolated, they traveled extensively throughout Asia learning and teaching. We hope many of you will follow their example in this over the next few months.

The Mongols are shy by nature, as we are, and often hide their shyness behind a large smile. Foreigners often remark on Mongolian friendliness and hospitality. We hope to hear of many good deeds and the harmonious accord of the Summits spread throughout the Known World. The Mongolians do not like to talk of unpleasant things; as such talk may invoke trouble. If unpleasant things must be said, Mongolians try to be as tactful as possible to be most inoffensive. Please keep this in mind during Our tenure-for example, use the grievance procedure. Be nice to each other!

Music, equestrian arts, and archery were an important part of Mongolian culture and therefore, we wish to showcase these arts during Our time on the Alpine Thrones. The Mongols are a proud society and openly share their culture and traditions with all who are willing to learn. Be generous in teaching and talking with everyone willing to learn and listen. Share the beauty that is the arts and sciences of the Summits throughout the Known World!

In addition to showcasing the prowess of the Summits' archers, and its musicians and as well as promoting the equine arts, We would also like to encourage another aspect of Mongolian culture: travel. Since times are tough and the price of fuel is high, We recommend you travel as a group whenever possible, and help out those in need. Post for rides and riders needed to the proper lists.

As the Mongols worked together to form a strong unity, so shall the Summits. No one will be turned away.

The following are some of the customs and traditions that were a part of Mongolian charm, we hope you can also include them in the culture of the Summits

(format, Mongolian custom (translation))

  • Do receive things with both hands facing up (no hidden agendas when given help)
  • Do leave a gift, other than money, for your hosts (be generous to all)
  • Do sit cross legged with feet underneath (don't trip up those working)
  • Do take at least a sip or taste of delicacies offered (learn new things)
  • Do keep your hat on if wearing one/lift it for greetings (be respectful of everyone)
  • Do remove gloves, if wearing them, upon greeting (physical contact between friends)
  • Do grab the hand of the person accidentally kicked (apologize to those wronged)
  • Don't turn your back on the weak or needy (help those you can)
  • Don't walk in front of an older person (respect your elders, Peers, and Royalty)
  • Don't put rubbish in the fire, fire is sacred (put trash in it's place)
  • Don't let people walk across outstretched legs (don't intentionally impede others)
  • Don't lean against furniture or support columns (don't stand idly by or be lazy)
  • Don't touch other people's hats (keep your hands to yourself, ask permission to touch)
  • Don't put up a fence without permission (keep communication open, ask first)
  • Don't present things with only two fingers (be genuine and generous)
  • Don't take food from the plate with your left hand (don't be greedy)

Although Our main retinue will consist of Our extended households, the Langentals and the Ship Crew, the current Monarchs of An Tir are utilizing most of their talents at this time. Therefore, We are in need of a few good gentles to help us continue the grand tradition that the Summits has been accustomed to. The following are a few of the positions We are looking to fill with hard-working individuals who are willing to travel, and labor to maintain the glory of the Summits. We wish Her to continue shining bright as the first Principality within the greatest Kingdom of the Known World. Let it show with your words and deeds!


  • Members of the Princess' Guard: preferably archers who also fight heavy. HL Tai Tjorkillsdatr (Qoyor Shingqotai) will be the head of the guard.
  • Costumers, seamstresses: A knowledge of dels and hats will be helpful
  • Head Scribe: Willing to learn Mongol/Hun styles, supervise crew.
  • Calligraphers/Illuminators: See above
  • Court Reporter: Good writing skills, organized, available to attend events.
  • Secretary: Computer and correspondence skills, contacts, quick to respond.
  • Ladies in Waiting. Our Lead Lady and Head of Retinue will be Emma
  • Coordinator of largess and funds.

Tjorkill, Tanist
Sylva, Tanista

posted by
Meistara Kaðlin in Stórráða
Lady in waiting to TAH Beringar and Mathilde
temporary typist to TRE Tjorkill and Sylva

Personal Memories of the Reign