Styrkarr Bjarnarsson

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Styrkárr is currently the Master of Stables (branch heavy marshal), and will be stepping down after Ursulmas 2010. He is authorized as a Senior Marshal.

Styrkárr is Voice Herald for the Barony of Aquaterra. He has served as Clarke of the Sergeantry and autocrat of Ursulmas XXXIX/2005.

Styrkárr won the Baron Julian Edward Farnsworth of Falconmoors Memorial Archery Tournament at the Shire of Earnrokke's Summer Hunt 2009, making him their branch champion. In 2004, he won the Shire of Eisenmarche's Arts and Sciences Championship.

Styrkárr is a founding member of the household known variously as Circle of Friends or Cearcall Charaid.

At Twelfth Night 2007, Styrkárr became an apprentice to Mistress Anastasia Alexandrovna Andreeva.

Aquaterran. Big and strong and very helpful:-) Great friends he hangs with, too. from Brand.

Styrkárr holds the following awards: Order of the Silver Dolphin (21 Jun 2003), Order of the Sergeantry - Sergeant-at-arms (13 Sep 2003), Award of Arms (24 Jan 2004), Order of the Golden Estoile (25 Feb 2006), Goutte de Sang (24 Jan 2009), Order of the Plate (25 Jan 2009).

--Crínóc Donn 11:35, 2 Dec 2009 (PST)