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Rebeca, shortly after receiving her red scarf

Lady Rébeca de la Mare was born in Southern France in the late fifteenth century to a wealthy merchant family. The only daughter, she was allowed to join lessons with her 2 elder and one younger brothers as was the custom at the time, and so she acquired a strong grounding in reading, writing and figuring, as well as political and economical trends of the day, particularly with respect to the wools and luxury fabrics her family traded in.

At the age of 17, Rébeca was married to the sole male heir of a Venetian mercantile empire, cementing the two families' long-held trade alliances when she traveled to Italy to take over as Lady of one of their estates. Unfortunately, after 3 years of marriage and one child, Rebeca's husband died in a freak riding accident. The child (a son) was taken to be raised as heir by its grandparents and Rébeca, who had never liked children anyway, was given a monthly stipend and more or less allowed to do her own thing, which suited her just fine.

As a widow of means, Rébeca is able to travel much of Europe, though she make a point of returning to her her estates in France (dowered to her upon her marriage) and Italy (gifted by her husband at the birth of her son) regularly to oversee their productions and speak with her chatelaines. The small properties are of little importance economically or politically, though they are profitable enough to maintain her lifestyle.

In The SCA


Lady Rébeca resides within the Barony of Lions Gate in the Principality of Tir Righ in the Kingdom of An Tir, though her SCA career began in the Shire of Cold Keep. She first discovered the SCA at the University of Northern BC, where she joined the Wolfpack, a mercenary fighting household. Shortly after attaining the rack of sisterhood in the Pack, she decided that membership in the Pack was not conducive to her goals in the Society, and so she broke ties with them, amongst some hard feelings.


After some years, Rébeca found herself associating more and more with house al Khabeelah and eventually gave in to the fact that she was one of them, like it or not (and more like than not. In fact, she is quite proud of her family and makes a point of identifying herself with them whenever she can). In spite of, or perhaps because of, her Khabeelite nature, she makes an effort to volunteer regularly at events, particularly at Gate, Marshalling and Waterbearing, and in the kitchen.

Rébeca is also associated with House Ferreira, a period household that focuses on fighting and Arts and Sciences. She is currently a cadet to Don Alvarro Ferreira de Goa (one of many!) and works with Her Ladyship Isabelle de la Roche to improve her own skills at costuming and periodicity.

At Events

At events, Rébeca can most often be found lounging around in the Khabeelah Tent, fighting on the rapier field, or helping out somewhere. She is more commonly employed in a kitchen somewhere, and has served as Head Chef on the retinue of Their Highnesses of Tir Righ, Ulf and Caoimhinn.

Awards and Such

Rébeca currently holds two Awards of Arms, AS 38 and 41, and held the Shittimwoode Tablero Championship from AS 41 to AS 42, relinquishing it to Hrafn Bjorskald at the end of her tenure. In AS 42 at Baroness's Tourney, she was admitted into the Order of the Lion's Claw for service to the Barony of Lions Gate. These together place her at #3876 on the An Tir Order of Precedence at the time of this writing.

In The Real World

In real life, Rébeca is currently attending St George's School of Medicine. She spend the little spare time she has studying, sewing, and traveling, but not in that order.

Rébeca is one of the more involved members of the Khabeelah household, I've even caught her attending court. Rébeca is an accomplished seamstress, a formidable rapier fighter, and an incredible camp cook. She's also a kind and generous lady who is a delight to be around and who will be sorely missed. She once made me some sweet pants.--Hjlmr inn Danski 17:29, 13 Sep 2007(EDT)

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