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Cadet Molly Modine

Her Ladyship Molly Modine, is Captain of a Trayned Band ... which is a Company of Foote and Horse trained for Royal Guard Duty within the Kingdom of An Tir.

Historical basis ... in the 1500s and 1600s in England there were groups that were formed by the leadership and funds of private persons, these groups were loyal to King and country and swore oaths to protect the Royalty should they pass through their lands. These groups were trained in rapier and musket, horse, drills and formations. Today we call these groups Militia units. Back then they were called Trayned Bands.

These are the accounts of one such Band that is located in the rural country side just outside the shire of Danescombe, in the Principality of Tir Righ in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Molly's modern name is Jennifer Brock.

Capt. Molly has served on four Royal retinues (a Queen and three Princesses) in the past couple of years.

2005 - Rapier Champion Frozen Mountain.

2006 - Rapier Champion Frozen Mountain.

2006 - Sept Crown - Thorn of the Royal Company of the Sable Rose. - Thorn of the Royal Company of the Sable Rose, Argent. The Sable Rose was given Royal Decree a few years ago. - Thus meaning as a Thorn, Molly is a representative of rapier for the King and Queen of An Tir.

2007 - Ursalmus - Cadeted to Monseignor Prospere de Montsegur.

2007 - Rapier Champion Frozen Mountain.

2007 - May Investiture - Order of the Hafoc.

2008 - Freeze Off - Order of the Goutte de Sang.

2010 - Investiture - Order of the Silver Pillar.

2010 - Investiture - Princes' & Princess's Favour from Ulfgar & Renee

2009 - Started designing Charters and Scrolls Photo Album of artwork can be found here on facebook:

2009 - Created the Facebook Auction for the Tir Righ Travel Fund - 1st Auction, raised around $2000 for Raknar & Chiara - Currently on the 2nd auction and have raised around $1000 for Prince Ulfgar & Princess Renee

The link to the current auction is shown below: Please note you will need to be a member of facebook to see this link.

From Sir Brand, Auctioneer: At the 12th Knight Auction held at An Tir's 12th Night in Lions Gate January of 2008, Lady Molly pledged $2,000.00 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Her donation brought the People of An Tir's total donation to $5,000.00, earning the SCA a Gold Level Sponsorship for the LLS.