Order of the Summits

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The Order of the Summits is an award unique to the Principality of the Summits. Though it does not carry a rank, it is held in high esteem. It was first created and given by Lawrence and Miriam, first Prince and Princess of Summits.

There are subjects of this land who stand tall and proud as any mountain: those who have borne this Principality on their backs; those who inspire our hearts and embody our goals. This award recognizes their extraordinary and essential contribution to the Summits. It may be given once each reign by the Coronet in consultation with the Order.

Ambrose Mavrorothakis (June A.S. XXX)
Paul of Somerton (December A.S. XXX)
Kaatje von Luebeck (January A.S. XXXI)
Matthew Hemidal Foehammer (May A.S. XXXII)
Sveyn Egilsson (March A.S. XXXIII)
Barbara de Bayard de Montchesne (December A.S. XXXIV)
Marian Staarveld (December A.S. XXXV)
Vesta Antonia Aurelia (June A.S. XXXVI)
Morgan the Truehearted (December A.S. XXXVI)
Brulla McConn (July A.S. XXXVII)
Raven Qara ton (December A.S. XXXVII)
Finngall McKetterick (December A.S. XXXVIII)
William Cristofore of Devonshire (June A.S. XXXIX)
Kaðlin in Stórráða (December A.S. XXXIX)
Fearga Kavanaugh (June A.S. XLIII)
Tadhg O'Murchadha (June XLV)
Yseult of Broceliande (December XLVI)
Duana Linette Traherne (December XLVII)
Ekatarina Tatiana Aleksandrovna (March XLVII)
Juliana van Aardenburg (December XLVIII)
Nadezhda Volynskaiia (June XLIX)
Tryggr Tyrsson (September XLIX)
William Geoffrey the Rogue (September L)
Brizio de Maroni Corazzaio (May LI)
Telisia Brutusdottir (September LI)
Ceridwen ferch Morgan (June LII)
Luciano Foscari (October LII)
Brendan ap Llewellyn (June LIII)

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