Morgan the Truehearted

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Preceded by:
William II and Mary II
Morgan the Truehearted
Regent of the Summits
27 Jan AS XXXIII/1998 – 21 Mar AS XXXIII/1998
Succeeded by:
Dublin I and Katharine I

A fierce spearman on the field, Morgan is famed throughout the Summits and beyond as a beacon of Chivalry with an unfailing smile. He has long supported the Summits and served in many hours of need. He is particularly known for his habit of bringing roses from his garden and giving them to ladies at events. When he was knighted at an Egil's Tourney, the ladies of the populace came forward to shower him with roses in return, in thanks and acknowledgment of his rare qualities and countless acts of kindness. The air filled with falling flowers, the blossoms heaped around him as he knelt, and there was surely not a dry eye in the crowd! --Raven Qara ton