Honor War A.S. XLIV/2010

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April 23-25, 2010
College of Lyonsmarche
Lady Tova Fransdottir
Hells Gate State Park :4832 Hells Gate Road Lewiston, ID 83501
Relatively warm days, nights cool but not terribly. Plenty of wind, especially Saturday morning.

Event Copy
Attendance 124

Event Copy and Response

Stories tell of heated words this past fall in the Court of King Cedric, at Baron’s Ball. Witnesses speak of Baroness Araviere of Wealdsmere accusing Baroness Stjarna of Wastekeep of stealing away her Courtiers. Baroness Stjarna was heard to say that if the Baroness of Wealdsmere could not support Her courtiers, that Great Wastekeep would lend aid to them. Tempers lit, both Great Ladies squared off before His Majesty, with strong words spoken and fur flying. Even sage advice from His Grace Duke Gunnar Brunwulf could not stem the brewing conflict between the two mighty Baronies.

So does Baroness Araviere call to all good An Tirians to support Her bonds of fealty with Her Sergeantry. And so does Baroness Stjarna call to all Her Sergeantry, current and Emeritus, and all supporters in An Tir, to address Her grievance against Baroness Araviere. Thus do both aggrieved parties meet upon the lands of Lyonsmarche to settle their differences in an Honor War.


Heavy and then Rapier War
Archery Championship
A&S Championship
Homebrew Championship
Rapier Championship Tournament

Archery - Saturday contests include Honey Bee shoot, William Tell shoot, Swinging Vegetable shoot & a Royal Round. You will find out at the range how our Archery Champion will be determined.

A&S Championship - One entry to enter. You can enter as many entries as you want. Please make it something that you have not entered before in the past. Please bring your A&S projects completed or even if it is a work in progress. Documentation is a plus. Displays are really nice. If you can give the judges a little presentation (what is the item, where in period was it made, when was it made/used in period, it's development, a little histoy, how you made it, how they made it in period, your deviations from period techniques, and why), then that is a huge plus.

Homebrew Championship - Again, one entry is all that it takes to enter. One bottle per entry. You may enter as many as you want. The judges won't complain. Beer, wine, mead, spirits, etc., etc. Liquors are welcomed, but there is a preference for other types of entries. Judging criteria will be based upon established tasting criteria (clarity if applicable, taste, aroma, etc., etc.) Documentation is a plus, especially if you can show it is period. That will earn bonus points. If you have an A&S type presentation to go with your entry, then that will also earn bonus points.

Rapier Championship - Will be Sunday morning, Acclaim Tournament. This means anyone can fight, with the group testing those that have declaired their intent to stand as Champion. After a round-robin tourney, the participants will choose two gentles from the Champion pool to fight a best of three match for the Championship.

Please note that our Lyonsmarche Bardic Championship, Cooking Championship, and Heavy Championship are now scheduled to be held at our Fall Newcomers event.


Aodan from Wealdsmere will be teaching how to make Combat War arrows Saturday morning.

Court Report

The War

Heavy Scenarios

As the armies from the Baronies of Wastekeep and Wealdsmere travel to meet upon the lush lentil fields of Lyonsmarche to make battle in the name of Honor, they must pass several natural and man-made obstacles, all while dealing with harrying forces from the opposing side. Scenarios include:

Pass Battle
Entering upon the heart of Lyonsmarche from either the north or the west requires utilizing one of a few passes into the lands abutting upon the Mouth of Hel. But these passes are not unguarded! Harrying forces intended to delay the approaching armies have built defenses at the passes and oppose all who would dare pass.

This will be a confined space "alley" where the defending forces will be given the opportunity to erect temporary defenses. Attacking forces need to fight their way through the pass and maintain a foothold at the far side. OPFOR forces need merely keep that from happening.

Open Field Battle
It's an open field battle, let's stretch our legs after the crossing!

Crossroads Battle
The armies meet! Let Honor be served!
It seems that the roads from Wastekeep and Wealdsmere cross in a small hamlet. Forces approach from two sides of a four-way intersection. These two sides are "owned" by a force and cannot be entered from the outside by the opposing force. Two other lanes of entry are up-for-grabs. Who can hold the crossroads and lay waste to the enemy?

Four-Way Zombie Battle
Let not even death keep us from our vows. May we fight well in the eyes of the Valkyries, and let them take us eventually on to Valhalla!
Utilizing the four-way battleground, even groups square off to defend their street. If slain, they shift in allegance to the group to their right, and fight on again!

Rapier Scenarios

The Message - each team will attempt to get an “urgent message “past enemy lines. Teams will be awarded points for successfully getting the one of their members past all their opponents to get the message to their Baroness.

Guards Same as above only with an actual message that needs to be transported past all the opponents to get the message to their Baroness. Their excellencies the barroness' of Wastekeep and Vulcanfeild suggested that this be a small cup of water that was needed to quench thier thirst.

Crossing the city - Each team needs to cross the city. As foes they meet in the intersection in the center of town.

Murder in the Piazzo - You have heard that a hit has been taken out on someone either in your house or your foes. You must be in the Piazzo for business regardless of risk. Points are awarded for successful assassination and apprehension of the assassin. (Assassins 3, Civilians 1)

Jail break - Each team’s commander is in the opposing jail. Points are awarded for the successful freeing of a commander and getting them out of harm’s way.

Iron Cross - House Fox against all. Don Lyall Foxx of the Hills, cadets, son, and a knight stood against the rest.


Personal Memories

I drank with a Weezil, I sang with a pirate, I camped with the fair folks of An Tir.

We woke to the wind, We prayed for the sun, We battled with the fair folks of An Tir.

We gathered our works, We battled with brains, We celebrated with the fair folks of An Tir.

We watched fair blades, We saw parrying spoons, We cheered with the fair folks of An Tir.

I settled my camp, I said my goodbyes, I carry in my heart only good thoughts of the fair folks of An Tir.