Honor War A.S. XLIII/2009

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April 24-26, 2009
College of Lyonsmarche
Lady Tova Fransdottir
Hells Gate State Park :4832 Hells Gate Road Lewiston, ID 83501
Praying for warm, fair skies.

Event Copy
Attendance 177 total

Event Copy and Response

As the cold grip of winter slips from the lands, the College of Lyonsmarche, Lentil Capital of the Knowne World, inventories yet another year of excellent crops. Yet jealous eyes from nearby lands take note. The Baron of Wastekeep plans to lead a military expedition to claim what He feels is rightfully His, including back taxes and interest. Friendly forces, lead by the Baron of Wealdsmere, assemble from the north, east and south to free the College of invading tyranny. Even Mighty King Vik and Gracious Queen Inga come from Their northern bastion to see this matter settled.

The friendly folks of Lyonsmarche invite you to the first An Tir Inlands camping war of the season. Get your SCA year started off the Honor War way. The Crown is scheduled to attend. Saturday: The War, A&S competition, artisans displaying crafts, Lentil cooking competition, Homebrew competition, potluck Feast. Sunday morning: Rapier Tourney.

A missive from Baron Styrkarr Jarlskald of Wastekeep as printed in the Wastekeep Word, February AS 43
Be it known that the College of Lyonsmarche, having long enjoyed the peaceful and prosperous protection of the great Barony of Wastekeep, has willfully ignored their sworn fealty and been found guilty of the most grievous offense, failure to pay taxes. This year, another bountiful lentil harvest has been proclaimed by the citizens of the College, yet where is the required tithe of lentils? To further add to the insult, a commissioned review of the Grete Boke reveals that there has not been a tax payment from Lyonsmarche since AS XXXIII and the reign of HM Brendan Shimmeringstar. A proper and courteous request for back taxes has been rebuffed most shamefully and there is a report that the cowards have turned to our misled cousins in Wealdsmere for succor!!
The Baron of Wastekeep therefore, exercising his crown-given rights, calls forth the warriors of Wastekeep. All friendly Knights, Sergeants sworn in service, archers, sappers, engineers, skirmishers, artisans, teamsters, suppliers, cooks, and assorted camp wenches are hereby summoned to the Gate of Hell itself (Hellsgate State Park) on the weekend of April 24-26 where King Vik and Queen Inga shall, in person, bear witness to this redress of grievances.

Court Report

Court report as provided by Ula Brennasdottir. Additional information in italics as provided by Phelan Tolusmiðr.

Greetings unto the populace of An Tir,

The following events occurred in the courts of Their Royal Majesties Vik and Inga this weekend at Honor War in the College of Lyonsmarche.

Saturday evening Their Royal Majesties requested the presence of Sir Hathawulf Spearbreaker. He requested the opportunity to swear fealty to Their Majesties. All other knights in attendance also joined and together swore their fealty and allegiance to Vik and Inga, King and Queen of An Tir.

Their Royal Majesties then requested all members of the populace who would swear fealty to do so at this time.

Following the oath of fealty Their Excellencies of Wastekeep, Sir Styrkarr and Lady Stjarna, paid the tithe due from their Barony in the form of lentils.

Lady Tova Fransdottir, autocrat of the event, with the assistance of HL Phelan Tolusmiðr announced the winners of all the competitions held that day. Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti was named Lyonsmarche Arts and Sciences Champion and also Lyonsmarche Brewing Champion. Following the announcement Their Majesties presented Lady Tova with gifts in thanks of her great efforts on running such a wonderful event.

HL Desdemona Dacre requested a moment of time to thank the waterbearers of the day.

Tawny Buckley, of Lyonsmarche, was called before Their Majesties to receive an Award of Arms from Their hands.

Baroness Stjarna presented Wastekeep’s College of Pages to Their Royal Majesties.

Caelte McCaieth and Swidhelm Sturkyson, both of Wealdsmere, were called forth whereupon Their Royal Majesties bestowed upon them both Awards of Arms. Following the award Her Majesty told the story of how these two young men tricked the forces led by Baron Syrkarr and Herself on the field that day and turned the scenario to favor Baron Caieth and His Majesty’s side.

Eion McDonnichaidh, of Wastekeep, was requested to attend Their Majesties where he was granted an Award of Arms by Their hands.

HL Daffyd de Doake, Kingdom Protector, requested a moment of the court’s time. He then presented the Shire of Pendale and each of the Baronies of Artemesia with hand painted marshalling staves. Having prior knowledge of the presentation, the populace of Pendale thanked Daffyd with gifts.

HL Daffyd and Her Majesty then presented the College of Lyonsmarche with targets, a bow rack, arrows and a bracer in the College colors to help start their fledgling archery group.

Cler de Cieux followed with a presentation to Queen Inga of a hand embroidered pouch bearing Her Majesty’s arms.

Their Majesties bid Cler to remain in Their presence whereupon They bestowed upon her an Award of Arms.

Killianflynn MacThoy, of Lyonsmarche, was requested to attend Their Majesties and received from Their hands an Award of Arms.

Their Royal Majesties thanked the Barons and Baronesses of Wastekeep and Wealdsmere for their great hospitality and presented them with gifts made by the artisans of An Tir.

Their Royal Majesties invited Their Excellencies Wealdsmere, Caieth and Araviere, to conduct Baronial business. During this time Their Excellencies presented Their Majesties with a donation to the Royal Travel Fund and a framed map of An Tir.

Sunday morning Their Majesties held a brief court to open the rapier champion tourney.

Katharine of Akornebir was requested to present herself to Their Majesties whereupon They granted her a Goutte de Sang for her great efforts to her group.

The rapier tournament was open to all, with those standing for Championship announcing this to Their Magesties and the populace before the tournament. After the tournament each combatant told the marshal in private which opponent they thought most worthy to stand as Rapier Champion of Lyonsmarche. Laird Killianflynn MacThoy and Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti were both found worthy by their fellows, and thus met in the final best of three bout. Laird Killianflynn MacThoy emerged victorious and now stands as Lyonsmarche Rapier Champion. Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti was given great acclaim by onlookers during the bouts, and was given an award for Outstanding Chivalry by the College of Lyonsmarche.

The War

Prior to the war, the War Steward, Phelan Tolusmidr read the following poem, which he had composed the previous night.

Wander ye to wind swept shores
Where serpent spills from Hel's cold halls
Blasted Tree's scion seeks battle luck
and green geld of old times

Mighty King from frost-tinged halls
Comes to see justice done
Each man make his wordfame here
The Eye of Inga rests on you.

Skoguls's clash, men strewn like chaff
Odin's maiden's gather storm's harvest
When Last Horn sounds and dark falls
Wordfame, honor, and brotherhood echo on.

The Scenarios

Overall theme: The new Baron of Wastekeep has declared that the College of Lyonsmarche has been remiss in its yearly payments to Wastekeep for protection. The College of Lyonsmarche has replied that while scutage is indeed due to the Throne, that agreements with the Barony of Wastekeep have expired with the ending of the reigns of the current Baron’s predecessors. Raiding ships under Marque of Wastekeep have interfered with the shipping of Lyonsmarche goods, and armed forces under the banner of Wastekeep are marching upon Lyonsmarche to secure back taxes. Forces friendly to Lyonsmarche hurry to aid the beleaguered College.

Scenario themes:

Ship raids: Set up several barges that are traveling down the Snake (we ended up making them three-sided erics so they could be entered from one side). Each barge has several defenders and a group of attackers. If a defender is killed, they move to the next boat “upriver”, if an attacker is killed, they move to the next boat “downriver”. Fighters that reach the top or bottom boat then move all the way to the other end of the flotilla and start again. Once a fighter has gone through all the boats and returned to their boat the second (or third or whatever) time, they are “out” after dying. The winning side is the one that has fighters left at the end (may have to have some fighters shift to a single boat for the end fight). The winning side “takes” the lentils from this encounter.
Landing and Beach Head: Invading forces must cross the river to enter Lyonsmarche. They will come forward in groups of 4-10 to “land” across a line. Movement for landing must be a slow controlled walk. Until they reach shore, they cannot break their boat formation. Defenders from shore may fire arrows or use polearms, but cannot enter the water lest they drown. Once a group has landed, they may opt to enter open ground fighting or work to establish a safe beach head. Slain attackers must cross back over the river and wait until a sufficient “boat load” has assembled at the resurrection point to start over again. Defenders may resurrect normally. (We ended up skipping this scenario).
Scouting: Several storehouses of lentils will be spread across the battlefield. Each storehouse has one bag of lentils. The defenders may array themselves as they wish to defend the lentils. Attackers must take the lentil bags to their resurrection point. Lentil bags held by attackers or defenders at the end of battle will be used to determine the winner.
Raids: This will be a set of three to five short battles. For the set of Raids, a total number of resurrections will be allowed (let’s say 10). The Attacking and Defending leader will determine how many resurrections their side will use in each battle (example: 3 in the first, 3 in second, 4 in third, or 0/3/7). These choices will be told in private to the war marshal, who will announce the “bids” before each battle. The commanders are therefore allocating portions of their army to each tactical engagement. (We ended up skipping this one also)
Harrying the Withdrawal: It is assumed that Wastekeep will eventually decide they have either secured enough “taxes” or been handed enough defeats, and will return home with whatever prizes they have secured. But wait, the way home is not an easy march! While encumbered with their prizes (signified by an inability to move at more than a walking pace while alive), the forces of Wastekeep are set upon by the remaining opposition forces. In this timed event, Wastekeep forces must cross the field of battle to return home. Defenders must keep them from withdrawing. Unlimited resurrections, though the Wastekeep fighters must continue the walking pace from the resurrection line each time they die. Wastekeep wins if they get more than half their forces over the line.


[Pictures] by HL Desdamona Dacre

Personal Memories

Words of Hallgrim Vendelson

King Vik Vikingsson and Queen Inga the Unfettered were marvelous and entertaining as always.

The event was well-attended and well-run. The weather was good for the most part, especially from a fighter's perspective.

I'd guess close to 50 heavy fighters. Over 175 attendees were reported. From Lyonsmarche Killian and Tawny received well-deserved AoAs.

War scenarios were great. Killian prevailed in the rapier championship.

Much support was pledged and shown to Lyonsmarche from the Crown and the Baronies of Wastekeep and Wealdsmere. Particulary stirring from my point-of-view was His Excellency, Sir Caieth's announcement of his intention never to miss an Honor War. His Excellency, Sir Styrkaar, also offered his personal time to help folks learn new skills, etc. The Crown and the two baronies were united in their affection towards our branch!

Also, stirring was HL Daffyd de Doake, Kingdom Protector presentation to the College of Lyonsmarche with targets, a bow rack, arrows and a bracer in the College colors to help start their fledgling archery group. However, I am not sure if His Lordship was the source of the gift, or if he delivered the gift in behalf of another. Hopefully someone will read this and edit in the details.

Some inactive members appear to be ready to return from the sidelines! If this comes to pass the group will be in great shape over the coming years!!!

About the heavy fighting: This was a great war. When the sides divided Wastekeep led by Her Majesty (the invaders) were low in comparison to Wealdsmere led by His Majesty (the defenders). I always fight with my knight -- His Grace Sven Gunnarsson -- but if not with my knight who was unable to take the field this day, I tend to like to fight with the underdogs. (Besides I get to fight with Inga the Unfettered and Ula Brennasdottir -- what could be better! Also, in my view it is impossible to be the underdog when fighting under Sven's banner. So, I convince the old Lyonsmarche fighters, including the sly spearman, Rhys Bannerbane to betray the new Lyonsmarche fighters. We switched to the attacker's side, in the hopes of a Wastekeep victory and earning the favor of Styrkaar and Stjarna. With my sons Drjug and Dalk at my side we faced off against the hordes of Wealdsmere.

In one scenario, Dalk, I, and I believe Styrkaar attacked a homestead protected by King Vik and Duke Gunnar and another fighter who I can't remember. As we approached Gunnar called for reinforcements, a lone Wealdsmerian heard the call and moved to join the King. Said I to Dalk, "Let him not join the King!" Dalk waited until the last minute and then rushed the reinforcer -- slaying him instantly. Outnumbered the King and Duke were brought low.

In the final scenario, Sir Hathawulf, Sir Aaron, Drjug, and myself enagaged the flank of the enemy. Unknown to me at the time, "Lars" Ragnarsson, Squire to Duke Gunnar approached me from the side and had me dead to rights. As Squire Lars sought to get my attention, Drjug intervened with his mace and defeated the good squire. I also remember felling a couple of those bothersome archers, Baroness Araviere herself, and Will Fletcher (who previously shot me in the throat)!

All in all I am sure I died more than I killed, but it is my good fortune and habit to remember that which makes me proud and forget that which would make me ashamed.