Halawa al-Waddi

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Resides: Aquaterra
Date Started: Coming Soon
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Offices: NA
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Halawa (full name to go here) al-Waddi is a subject hailing from the Barony of Aquaterra.


Given the length of her full name, it is acceptable to refer to her by her given and family name (Halawa al-Waddi). While all languages have particular nuances with accents and inflections, her name may be broken down mundanely in sounds as follows:

  • Halawa: Haa - laah - wah
  • al-Waddi: all - Wahd - dee

A helpful trick for pronunciation is that the word "banana" is said in a similar fashion to Halawa. This has also become a nickname among her friends.

Meaning and Reference

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Halawa is the sister of Samira al Wadi and Amethyst Skye.

SCA History

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Halawa received her Award of Arms from Their Majesties King Styrkarr Jarlsskald and Queen Dagrun Stjarna (Styrkarr and Stjarna) at the Emprise of the Black Lion XIII (http://antir.sca.org/Upcoming/index.php?Event_ID=3560&myDate=2014).