Styrkarr and Stjarna

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Preceded by:
Eirik and Drifinna
Styrkarr and Stjarna
Sixty-Sixth King and Queen of An Tir
19 July AS XLIX/2014 – 10 January AS XLIX/2015
Succeeded by:
Savaric and Dalla

Royal Progress


3-6 An Tir/West War King and Queen
12 Peasant's Revel Barony of Madrone King and Queen
18-20 July Coronation Barony of Three Mountains King and Queen
25-27 Game of Thrones and Stormgods Barony of Stromgard King and Queen


1-8 Pennsic War King and Queen
29-Sep 1 September Crown Barony of Lions Gate King and Queen


5-7 Acorn War King and Queen
12-14 Emprise of the Black Lion Barony of Madrone King and Queen
19-21 Summits Fall Coronet Barony of Adiantum King and Queen
27 Arts Gathering Barony of Dragon's Mist King and Queen


3-5 Baron's Ball King and Queen
11-12 Myrgan Wood's 35th Anniversary Barony of Myrgan Wood King and Queen
Octoberfest Barony of Wealdsmere King
Tir Righ Coronet TBD King


1-2 Feast of Snow Eaters Barony of Montengarde King and Queen
7-9 Fall Crown Council King and Queen
15 Midhaven Harvest Feast Shire of Midhaven King and Queen
1-23 Avacal Coronet Barony of Myrgan Wood King and Queen


6 Yule Feast Barony of Vulcanfeldt King and Queen
12-14 Yule Feast Barony of Borealis King and Queen


9-11 12th Night Barony of Adiantum King and Queen


Head of Retinue
Matheus Bane
Court Coordinator
Court Coordinator
Court Reporter
Luciano Foscari
Sable Mountain Herald
Bernadette Ebhilin Ard
Head Lady in Waiting
Mary Grace of Gatland
Captain of the Queen's Guard
Rowland Greene
Captain of the King's Guard
Gernon Valletort de Harfleur
Royal Scribe
Rannveig ~skrifari (aka Bronwen Elgars)
Largesse Coordinator
Baroness Elspeth Nic Grath & Svana Omr
Garb Coordinator
Miranda Faoltiama
Royal Encampment Coordinator
Ysabella Greene
Awards Sifter
Phelan Tolusmidr
Food Coordinator
Food Coordinator
Tova Fransdottir

Awards Given

Notable Accomplishments