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The mission of the Embellishers’ Guild of An Tir is to encourage the practice and teaching of all forms of period embellishment among our members. We encourage learning new techniques, improving our work, and sharing our work and knowledge throughout the Kingdom. We adorn the unadorned.

Guild Badge: (Fieldless) In saltire a needle argent and a hammer reversed Or.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are the Embellishers' Guild of An Tir. Amongst other things we do embroidery, needlework, painting, leather decoration, wood carving, burning and painting, bone carving and more. Any citizen of An Tir can join our Guild, and any member of the Guild can challenge the Guild Ranks as they desire. You may participate to any degree you desire.

We have a lot of fun at what we do. Come join the party!

Who Can Join?

Anyone who plays in the SCA in An Tir is welcome to join the Guild. Guild meetings are open to anyone; member or not. You must be a member of the Guild to participate in guild challenges and rise through the guild ranks.

Guild meetings are open to anyone, member or not. There is no membership fee to join the Guild. You must be a member of the Guild to participate in Guild Challenges and rise through the Guild ranks. Presenting pieces of work to members can be inspiring to others, and give opportunity to learn more. You need not challenge for Rank in order to share in the joy of embellishing all the things!

Links to Details

Forms of Embellishment - Decorative grounds and materials

Guild Overview - Overview of structure including officers, heraldry, etc.

Ranks and Proficiency Levels - Descriptions and what is needed to advance

Challenges - How to participate in challenges

Guild Documents - See The Embellishers' Guild of An Tir website

Contact Us - Guild contact points

Access the Database

For further information, you can contact the Guild Minister

Email: embellishers [.] guild < at > antir [.]org