Company of Saint Ulrich

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Founded in 2005, the Company of St Ulrich is a heavy fighting household based out of Glymm Mere.

The badge of the company, Quarterly Or and sable, four Maltese crosses counterchanged.

Origin of the name

The company is after the Catholic Saint Ulrich, Bishop and defender of of Augsburg, who successfully oversaw the protection of that city from a Magyar invasion in AD 955.

The group was conceived by Baron Godric Ap Rhys as a way to trick his mundane friends into heavy fighting. Apparently the scheme has worked; the Company has fielded as many as 22 heavy fighters at a time, most of them brought in to the SCA with no previous affiliation.

The Company of St Ulrich maintains a strong emphasis on heavy combat, specifically as an organized unit. The Company has become widely known for discipline and teamwork on the battlefield. Fighting members are expected to attend several warband practices throughout the year (twice a month in winter).

The Company fighters at Autumn War.

Founding Members:

Baron Sir Godric ap Rhys

Grimr Asgeirsson

Noah Webb

Czerwony the Red

Andrew "Wilfred"

Members of the Company

Fighting Members

Sir Godric ap Rhys

Sir Richard Fergus Fitzalan

Olcan Mac Meanma

Grimr Asgeirsson

Ragnar Haerulanger


Cailin Lorne

Noah Webb

Connor McGuire of Roscommon



Bertrand le Bouchier

Dunstan McLeland

Jaques Du Prey

Bjorn Ulfsson

Micah the Mad


Wulfric Thorliefsson

Gerald de Huntington

Sigmund Faust

Citizens (non-fighting members)

Kara of Saint David

Aelisia of Cambrewell

Nicole Kisebach

Verena der Mietesheim

Vasilisa Myshkina

Sarah the Brave

Thalia de Maccuswell

Cristiana de Huntington

Colette Flournoy

Disa i Birkilundi