Sigmund Faust

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Sigmund Faust.jpeg
His Lordship, Sigmund at May Crown 2019
Resides: Blatha an Oir
Date Started:
Awards: Order of Precedence
Sigmund Faust Heraldry.jpeg
Gules, on a chevron Or between two ounces combattant and a sword argent three crosses crosslet fitchy palewise azure

Sigmund Faust was known as Domhnall Wardrope


Sigmund Faust was Born in 1496 In the Duchy of Saxony of the Holy Roman Empire. He joined a Landsknecht company at the age of 16.

SCA careeer

Sigmund has lived in Blatha An Oir since 2006 and stepped up as chatelaine in December of 2015 and stepped down in 2018. Sigmund became a man at arms to Sir Godric ap Rhys and became a Squire to Sir Godric at honey war. Sigmund returned his squires belt to Sir Godric and became Sir Seamus Mac Brehon squire at glymm mere Yule. Sigmund Enjoys running demos and has put them on at the Seattle Scottish Highland Games as well as the Washington Homeschool Organization Convention.


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