Accademia dei Studiosi

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Accademia dei Studiosi

Accademia dei Studiosi 2009

Accademia dei Studiosi ("Academy of Scholars"). Existing solely in the Kingdom of An Tir, the Accademia was signed into being by Their Exalted Majesties Vik and Inga at July Coronation A.S. XLIV (2009 Gregorian). The Accademia is officially an educational entity of the Kingdom of An Tir and was created to serve the Rivers Region and the Principality of The Summits.

The goal of the Accademia is to nurture a vibrant educational community in a way which fosters continual growth. Adult, youth, and children's classes and degrees are offered. All degrees are subject-driven, allowing the student to craft their own degree focus, and all core classes taken automatically earn credit for students within their respective subject areas. The Accademia also accepts transfer credits from other institutions of learning of The Kingdom of An Tir and Her Principalities upon the student's request.

Students and teachers are both recognized for their achievements on the Kingdom Order of Precedence. Classes and sessions are held year round. We are always happy to provide class opportunities for kingdom branches, guilds, and other special interest groups, and likewise new classes and/or teachers.

For more about the Accademia, contact the campus Dean nearest you.


Accademia dei Studiosi