Order of Precedence

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1. The list of all members of the populace of the kingdom, in order of rank.

A person's rank is determined by:

  • The rank of that person's highest honor
  • The date he or she received that honor

The Sovereign of An Tir is always ranked first on the OP followed immediately by the Consort.

For the list of honours and their ranking, see An Tir Kingdom Law Article IV.A.

The Order of Precedence of the Kingdom of An Tir

2. A database of all honors given by An Tir and received by all An Tirians from any SCA branch in the Known World. It is maintained by the College of Heralds by the Dexter Gauntlet Herald and his or her staff.

The An Tir OP is presented in many ways. It is presented by rank within the Kingdom - hence the "order" part of the name, alphabetically - also known as the roster, by Principality, and by branch.

The actual OP database also holds many other pieces of information, such as Kingdom officer information, the reigns of foreign Kings who elevated An Tirian Chivalry, membership of inactive orders (for archival reasons), and so on.

As of September of AS XL, this document included over 5,400 people who have received over 16,800 honors.

The OP database itself is a Microsoft SQL 2000 database with several C# support programs for adding, editing, deleting, and presenting information. The software was written by Quentin Martel.

An Tir Order of Precedence site

Old OP accessible through the wayback machine

The Order of Precedence website was been down between early 2009 and early 2010. As of April 6, 2010, it was working again.

The OP was re-written in December and January 2009-2010 as php/mysql application by Jean Louis de Chambertin.