Maeda no Kiku Mariko

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My name is Maeda (no) Kiku Mariko. I live in the Barony of Lions Gate in the Principality of Tir Righ in the Kingdom of An Tir.

I live during the Momoyama jidai and Pope Gregory XIII is my pope. I am from the Samurai caste or buge. My father was a low-ranking warrior of the Maeda clan. I grew up in a fishing village near Arako Castle located on Nagoya harbour. My husband has gone to fight in foreign wars, meanwhile I am taking care of the homestead and work on increasing my humble skills. I belong to the Fereirro household whose pater familas is Dom Allvaro Ferreira de Goa.

I was formerly on Baron Harold Devin and Baroness Aurora's retinue. I have also been Lions Gate's Baronial Librarian. At Tir Righ Spring Coronet in AS 41 I became apprenticed to Mistress Agnes Cresewyke.

Mundanely, I live in New Westminster, BC, Canada, and work at the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University as as library assistant. My current obsessions are bento lunches, temari (Japanese thread balls), and steampunk fashion. I love creating lovely art objects of the everyday kind. I've started teaching both in the SCA and mundanely even though it terrifies me greatly.


  • bookmaking
  • carpentry
  • cooking
  • dolls
  • elizabethan costuming
  • embroidery
  • fan making
  • folklore
  • furniture making
  • Japanese costuming
  • gardening
  • hagiography
  • hairdressing
  • hat making
  • heraldry
  • kosode
  • lacquerware
  • leatherwork
  • origami
  • papermaking
  • paternosters
  • pilgrimages
  • poetry
  • research
  • romances
  • rosaries
  • saints
  • shibori
  • stenciling
  • temari
  • woodwork

Known Associates


  • Award of Arms July 9 AS 40 / 2005
  • Defender of A&S (Lions Gate) May 12 AS 42 / 2007 through May 10 AS 43 / 2008
  • Lion's Fang (Lions Gate) May 10 AS 43 / 2008
  • Jambe de Leon May 23 AS 44 / 2009
  • Red Flame of Tir Righ Sept 26 AS 44 / 2009