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Mary Ostler is apprentice to Mistress Agnes Cresewyke

Member of House Amber

Former Founder, Foreman, and Flounder of the magnificient Gadgetry Guild.

  • Rank of goon for the Plausible A/C unit powered by water wheel.

Mary's Woodworking Website

Current Stuff

Past Offices


Mary Ostler

Working on my persona but these things are known.

  • Living just outside Tonbridge, Kent, England on the road to Maidstone.
  • Date is 1610-1620's
  • Widow living with younger brother James and his family.
  • Brother is an Ostler, but spends most of his time in other pursuits and leaves the running of the house to his wife Jane, and the property (orchards and such) to myself.
  • Older Brother Thomas also an Ostler, but in Tonbridge proper.

Divane Meryem (Crazy Mary)

Late period Ottoman.


  • Wood Turning
  • Wood Working
  • Gadgetry
  • English Tavern Life
  • Silkworms
  • Horology
  • Inventions
  • Turkish Carpet Knottting
  • Archery
  • Japanese Armor
  • Games (especially outdoor games)
  • Siege Engines

Classes Taught

  • Beginners Wood Turning (Pole Lathe)
  • Petanque (boules)
  • Assorted Games

A&S Documentation PDF's

Conjecturally accurate Table Trestle

Awards & Recognition


  • Owner of the Cock & Bull Tavern (Eisenmarche), priding myself on trying to decorate the tavern to fit the event.
  • Co-Autocrat of the first Lovers Masque (with Rhiannon ap Gwynned)
  • Consulatant & Propaganda on second Lovers Masque (Doge meets daimyo)


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