Andrew Williams

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Andrew Williams was born in Callington and raised on the waters around Portsmouth, England. He took to the sea and sailed aboard the Golden Hinde serving Sir Francis Drake. Upon returning home, he mustered money to purchase his own ship and begin "trade" in the New World. Due to an excellent crew, Williams was able to return home with wealth and tales of adventure before serving his country in the repelling the Spanish invasion of 1588. He has since returned to the New World to continue seeking more fortune and adventure in the name of the Queen.

He has taken aboard cadets to study under his guidance. They are:

Rowland Greene, of Wastekeep, a gallant and man of service

Conner "Dog" Dogshanks, of Dregate, a loyal man with a fierceness in battle and honor

Álvar Guerrero, of Lyonsmarche, a gallant of Wastekeep and charming Spanish peacock

James Elwic, of Akornebir

Svanna Styrkarrsdottir, of Wastekeep

Alexandre de Sant Roma de Sau, of Wealdsmere

Mathius Blackwater

Jacques Louis de Normandie, of Dragon's_Laire

Andrew Williams has served as the rapier champion for the shires of Dregate, Appledore and Pendale, as well as the baronies of the Far West, Vulcanfeldt, Wastekeep, and Wealdsmere.