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Alexandre Roma De Roman or (Alexandre de Sant Roma de Sau) was born in the city of Sant Roma de Sau, which is near the Sau river in the country of Catalonia which is now part of North Eastern Spain in the year 1570. He was the 3rd child of a wealthy horse and pig rancher. He was not a fan of pigs. He detested pigs. Horses were his focus and he worked hard to earn his father’s approval in the hopes of inheriting the stables and breeding program. Instead it was given to his elder brother while his father remained in charge of the porcine business. The eldest was his sister who ran the daily duties of the house. This left little for him to do, and he began to dream of the sea. As a child if there was a puddle, he was in it. If there was a lake, somehow, he would fall in it.

Upon reaching the age of 16, Alexandre decided that cleaning out pig stalls would not be how he would live. He set out south to Barcelona to find a new life. Upon reaching the city he quickly realized he needed a job. Alexandre worked on fishing a fishing boat for two years loving the sea and hating the smell of dead fish. He had learned how to sail, swim, carpentry, and navigation from working the fishing boats, but he wanted more. But all he knew was horses, fencing, woodworking, and seamanship…. So he enlisted in the Royal Spanish Navy. Alexandre worked as a carpenter on the Spanish Galleon the Andalucía. He rarely was able to be above decks and worked long hours keeping “the smelly Pig” as he called the ship, afloat. The Spanish trade with the new frontier was only allowed to port in Seville so Alexandre was not able to return home after traveling to the new world. Gold, horses, and spices proved to be an enticing temptation to pirates and the Andalucía was captured by Captain Francis Drake. Alexandre was drafted into the pirate crew in leu of death since he had extensive experience working with horses and carpentry. He worked hard to learn all he could during this time but was not trusted when the ship was in harbor. He was often chained to the mast to make sure he stayed aboard and was not allowed shore leave while the other sailors had free rein to spend their earnings. As a crewmember of the Bonaventure, he was paid a share of the profits and had amassed a great deal of wealth. Piracy paid much better than the poor wages of the Spanish Navy.

On a wet and dreary evening after crippling a Spanish Patache, Alexandre, or Roma as he was known by the crew, swung from the boom of the mizzen mast and claimed the ship as his own. Drake, was sure the craft would sink and called him back aboard. Roma instead made a bet with him for all of his earnings. He asked for 14 days, supplies, and 10 men to make the ship seaworthy. If he could make the ship sail in that time, the ship, his freedom, and double his earnings would be his, if he failed he would lose his money and serve for an additional 2 years at half pay. He and his crew worked night and day to repair the ship. On the 11th day the re-named El Milagro, or (Miracle) left its dry dock to join Sir Francis Drake on the high seas. Captain Roma De Sau served under Sir Francis Drake for several more years until drake died of dysentery in 1596.

Kingdom Honors and Awards

Award of Arms presented by Savaric de Porte des Lions and Dalla in Fagra, 2018

Royal Service Token by Kjartan Dreki and Sha'ya Kjartanskona, 2019

Goutte de Sang by Sven_Fallgr_Gunnarsson and Rauokinn Eyverska Starradottir, 2022

Forget-me-not by Rauokinn Eyverska Starradottir, 2022

Bountiful Hand by Sven_Fallgr_Gunnarsson and Rauokinn Eyverska Starradottir, 2022

Jambe de Lion by Sven_Fallgr_Gunnarsson and Rauokinn Eyverska Starradottir, 2022

Sanguins Thorn Octamasades Skuthikos and Achaxe Ek Auchatae, 2022

Sable Gauntlet Octamasades Skuthikos and Achaxe Ek Auchatae, 2022

Baronial Awards

Golden Oak (1st level service award) by Osrik Rolfsson, Sigrun Osrikswife, 2018

Blue Glove (first level rapier award) by Osrik Rolfsson, Sigrun Osrikswife, 2018

Baronesses Favor Wealdsmere- Feb 2020

Barons Favor Wealdsmere- Feb 2020

Barons Favor Wealdsmere- Oct 2021

Barons Favor Wealdsmere- Oct 20202

Positions Held

Master of Swords, (Baronial Branch Marshal) for the barony of Wealdsmere 2017-2020

Inlands Rapier Deputy 2020-present

Senior Marshal in Rapier since 2018

Sergeant (Gallant) 2019

Rapier Championships Won:

Pendale: 2018

October Feast 2021

Wealdsmere Rapier Champion 2022

Arts and Sciences Championships Won

Pendale: 2018 - Carpenter Tools

Wealdsmere October Feast: Frugal Scadian 2017

Rapier Studies

Agrippa, Cappa Ferro, Gigante, Thybault, Fabris, La Verada Destreza.

Event Experience:

Created Rapier scenarios for Celtic Revolt 2018.

MIC Rapier Tournaments for July_Coronation_LIV/2019

Created scenarios and MIC for Border War 2019

Co-Event Steward: Wealdsmere Border War 2022

Arts and Science Activities

Athenaeum 2020

Athenaeum 2021

Woodworking -

Hilt Making -

Costuming -

Forging -