Styrkarr II and Stjarna II

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Preceded by:
Kjartan and Sha'ya
Styrkarr and Stjarna
Seventy-First King and Queen of An Tir
15 Jan AS LI/2017 – 15 Jul AS LI/2017
Succeeded by:
Christian and Heléne

Awards Given During Reign

Royal Progress

An Tir 12th Night
Feast of St. Bubba (Queen)
Summits Arts and Sciences and Bardic
Kingdom A&S/Bardic Championship
Gulf Wars XXVI
Wastekeep Sergeant's Trials
Baroness' War IX
Honor War
Embers and Ambrosia
Mayfaire (Queen)
Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament 43
June Faire
Tir Righ Coronet
An Tir/West War
July Coronation

Court Reports