Sethric Einarsson

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Sethric marshalling
Resides: Shire of Coill Mhor
Date Started: 1999
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Past - Seneschal, Coill Mhor, Prince, Tir Righ Current - Exchequer, Coill Mhor
Sir Sethric Einarsson Buffet, An Tir May Crown AS LIII

Sethric Einarsson, Thirty-Second Prince of Tir Righ, Knight of the SCA


Known for most of his SCA career as Sethric Underwood, Seth assumed the name of his Knight and mentor Thane Einar Guntharson when he was elevated and is now known as Sethric Einarsson.

Sethric is a <INSERT TRUTH HERE> member of the Troubadour Household

Squires and Men-at-Arms:

None Currently


Inspired to glory and greatness by Viscountess Kolbera Varsdottir

Is Protoge to Chiara Fiamma

Was Squired to Einar Guntharson

Awards: OP