Roger Gridley

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Roger Gridley
Resides: Aquaterra
Date Started: AS XXXIX (MKA 2005)
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Offices: NA

Per fess argent and azure, on a phoenix gules a harp or.

Roger Gridley is a subject of the Barony of Aquaterra. He is a bard, moneyer, and erratic rapier fighter.

Roger is inspired in combat by his mundane wife, Lady Tessa DiPiero. On the field he bears a lock of her hair and a garnet stone she presented to him as a favor. Opponents are reminded that Roger’s heart belongs to Lady Tessa, and that only a most wicked knave would destroy a lady’s possessions.


Roger Gridley is the third surviving son of Michael and Elizabeth. He was born in England during the reign of Henry VIII. With the ‘heir and spare’ on hand, Roger needed to find his own means of support. He secured a position in a mercenary company of foot, and is currently serving in Italy. While of only moderate skill at arms, Roger is much appreciated by his company commander for his skills at what future generations will call ‘logistics’, ‘morale’, and ‘client and public relations.’


Per fess argent and azure, on a phoenix gules a harp or. His name is registered.

SCA Biography

Roger Gridley joined the SCA in the Kingdom of Aethelmarc. In 2005, despite having a reservation for Pennsic, he accepted a (much needed) job offer in Everett and moved to Aquaterra without ever once having set foot in the Kingdom of An Tir. Prior to his departure he was told by a White Scarf that An Tir fighters were some of the best in the known world.

Roger’s first An Tir event was Warren War 2005, at which he entered the Bardic championship – and lost. He continued to enter (and lose) tournaments for the title of Bunny Bard for the next five consecutive years, though once losing only by a hare... er... hair.

At Sir Edward's Memorial Tourney in 2007 Roger entered a Golden Ribbon rapier tournament, and was judged worthy of bearing the ribbon for six months. He passed on the ribbon at September Crown that year to Maria Theresa in recognition of her determination, chivalry, and enthusiasm upon the field. In keeping with the traditions of the Golden Ribbon, Roger displays a blue ribbon tied to the hilt of his rapier.

The first scroll Roger received in the SCA was for Best Introduction at the Ursulmas XXVI Sable Rose rapier tourney (AS XLII / 2008). He continues to wear a sable rose in his hat in memory of this and other Sable Rose tournaments.

Roger won the Bardic Championship of Midhaven in AS XLIV (2009) with the song Man of La Mancha from Don Quixote. Despite never having played the guitar he accepted a challenge to defend his title a year later using the champion’s regalia (a guitar). Roger made several abortive attempts to learn to play, finally mastering a single chord (as a prelude to the song Life’s Flame) the day of the championship with the aid of one of his opponents. Victory went to his instructor, but Roger’s honor was satisfied. The performance was the only time Roger played a stringed instrument in public.

At the Emprise of the Sable Rose tournament at Midhaven in AS XLIV (2009), Roger won Best Death with a piece of mutilated Shakespeare. Baroness Rosamund of the Misty Meadows, hearing of this, ordered Roger to compose an ode to his own death and perform it at Banner War. He did so, gaining a place in history as one of the few bards to sing about his own death after the fact.

In AS XLIV (2010) Roger competed for Bardic Champion of Aquaterra against Kenneniah. Both bards were sick, hampering their efforts to sing. Roger performed an original work, “We’re From An Tir!”, and credits his victory in the contest heavily to his use of visual aids for his second piece. For Bessanio’s Speech Before the Caskets from the Merchant of Venice he thoughtfully provided the judges (and spectators) with Hershey’s Nuggets in their gold, silver, and red wrappers to represent the various caskets (using double chocolate for lead). Roger proudly wore the champion’s regalia – a cloak – to events for the year he was champion, and encourages succeeding champions to do the same.

At June Faire XXX (2012), Roger performed the role of Lelio in the House Methelstede production of “Arlecchino and the Cup of Love”. At the same event he swore his apprentice oath to the recently restored Moneyer’s Guild of An Tir, having already completed two of the requirements for Journeyman.

At June Faire XXXI (2013), Roger swore his journeyman oath to the Moneyer's Guild of An Tir.

At Kingdom A&S and Bardic in 2015 Roger played three parts in the An Tir Players production of "Macbeth" (King Malcom, Second Murderer, and Cathnes). Roger notes that all three of these characters explicitly or implicitly perish in the course of the play, a rather inauspicious start to his career with this company.

At September Crown in 2015 Roger played Jon the Unlucky, the titular role in the An Tir Players production of "The Commoner King." While marking his second appearance as king in an SCA play, Roger notes that Jon does abdicate.

At 12th Night in 2016 Roger played King Alonso of Naples in the An Tir Players production of "The Tempest." As Alonso is King throughout this production, it appears that the third time really is the charm. Roger has been repeatedly informed that he is now typecast and can only play kings hereafter.

As part of the Emerald Rain Bellydance troop, Roger has performed at both SCA and mundane events.

As a member of the Moneyer's Guild, Roger has made:

Vigil Tokens for Fiamma the Unquenchable (July, 2014) and Chiara Fiamma (May 2016)

Site Tokens for the Shire of Corvaria (April 2015)

Baronial Favors for Baron Finn Grim of Dragon's Mist (June 2015) and Baron Bryson MacLachlan of Aquaterra (October 2015)

Roger is Apprentice to Master Raymond von dem Lowengrab. He received his apprentice belt at Ursulmas in 2014.