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Ordo Aerie (formerly The Order of the Aerie)

This is a closed order consisting of all those who held the position of Defender or Lady of the Summits prior to the recognition of Summits as a Principality. Members may wear a black garter with a grail tippet.

Before Summits became a Principality, these gentles shepherded our alpine land as Defenders and Ladies of the Summits. The emblem of this closed Order is a black garter with a grail tippet.

September A. S. XXIII - September A. S. XXIV: Korwyn Marius Velis Ariannaid & Margaret Swynford of Bristow

September A. S. XXIV - September A. S. XXV: Dublin O’Guinn Silverwolf & Katharine Melville O’Guinn

September A. S. XXV - September A. S. XXVI: Ambrose Mavrorothakis (known as High Chief) & Marian Staarveld

September A. S. XXVI - abdicated January A. S. XXVI: Matthew Hemidal Foehammer (known as High Chief) & Shira Kataka

March A. S. XXVI - September A. S. XXVII: Timothy McDaniell & Barbara Bayard du Montchesne

September A. S. XXVII - September A. S. XXVIII: Lawrence of the Marsh (now called Lawrence de Xaintrailles) & Miriam de Xaintrailles

September A. S. XXVIII - June A. S. XXIX: William of Kent (now called Wilam Tjorkillsson) & Mary Brullasdottir

At this time the Defender’s term was changed from one year to six months.

June A. S. XXIX - December A. S. XXIX: William Brannan & Magdalene Brannan

December A. S. XXIX - June A. S. XXX: William of Kent (now called Wilam Tjorkillsson) & Mary Brullasdottir

June A. S. XXX - December A. S. XXX: James Greyhelm & Verena of Laurelin

December A. S. XXX - March A. S. XXX: William Thorinson (now called Wilam Tjorkillsson) & Sarah O’Guinn

William and Sarah were the last Defender and Lady of the Crown Principality of the Summits. They were succeeded by Lawrence and Miriam, first Prince and Princess of Summits.