Moreach nic Mhaolain

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Moreach "I'm no Lady" Nic Mhaolain currently spells her patronym Nicmhaolain after further research, as it is a variant of "Macmillan" and as such does not refer to her personal relationship to anyone, but instead to an ancestral relationship within the Iona monastic colony.

From this sort of entry, one can tell A: she's writing this herself, and B: she is indeed a herald, and a lover of esoteric heraldic and onomastic rules. Beware!

Moreach's persona is that of a Scotswoman born in the Islands between Scotland and Ireland in 1450 Anno Domini. She is a Sergeant of the MacFlandry Guard Regiment of An Tir, a registered Guild bearing its own AoA. (this rank predates the innovation of "Sergeant" as a baronial rank)

Moreach is also the "War Chief" of Clan Hubert, a Dragon's Mist and Mountain Edge household, and a siege engineer. Age has retired her from the ranks of the "Light Combatants" where she had a short and unimpressive career as a tennis-ball arbolestier. (Her one good squarely-struck "hit" was a friendly-fire incident. Sorry Denis. sigh)

She has located the link to her persona story, on the somewhat-damaged Clan wiki - attacked by parasitic links posters. This page no longer functions and must be moved: [Moreach's story]

Moreach has served Dragon's Mist as Shire Pursuivant and as Shire Constable.

Due to personal foibles, she has turned down her AoA as unsuitable to her persona. Apologies to Jarl Barak Ravensfuri, another sort of "friendly fire" victim.