May Crown Tournament XXXVII/2002

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17-19 May XXXVII/2002
Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA)
Earl Edward Ean Anderson
Clark County Fairgrounds, Ridgefield/Vancouver, Washington
wet on sunday
Combat archery and Equestian
Crown Tournament
Archery: Royal Rounds - Adults and Children, IKAC, York rounds, thrown weapons.
The An Tir Kingdom Costumers' Guild held a meeting in the Costumers' Guild pavilion (on the eric). In addition to our regular business meeting (open to all members), they hosted Guild challenges, and a class in rosary construction by Hanym Maryam al'Baghdadi.

Court Report

Saturday Evening Court

Notes from Their Royal Majesties' Court - May Crown - Saturday evening court

Greetings, noble cousins!

The following bits of business occured in the Saturday evening court of Their Royal Majesties, Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir in the Barony of Stromgard, on the 18th day of May being anno societatis thirty seven. The following excellent account is written by Vox Leonis, HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva.

<<Begin Natasha's report>>

After sunset dropped a curtain of stars over the erics on Saturday, May 18, a torchlight court was the venue for the Investiture of Crown Prince Nicholaus and Crown Princess Allysia. His Royal Highness declared his promise to lay a kingdom at his wife's feet has now been fulfilled. They joyously joined Their Majesties court, and witnessed the remainder of the proceedings in Their company.

Duke Skapti received the honor of the Silver Rose, and his inspiration Grafyna (Countess) Asa received the honor of the Silver Lily. When first invited into Their Majesties' Court, only Duke Skapti was in attendance, Her Excellency Asa having gone back to camp for a cloak against the night chill. While waiting for her return, His Grace engaged in mock battle with the Court Fool, Yagar Stumpface, to the delight of the populace.

His Majesty Wilam had attended Gulf War in the Kingdom of Meridies and thanked the warriors who had made the journey with Him. Among those warriors was one he particularly wished to bring to the attention of the folk of An Tir, and he called forth Duke Tjorkill Kanne.

Speaking at length of the many noble traits of his Father, His Majesty asked him to approach the Throne. There was Duke Tjorkill was made a Lion of An Tir by the hand of King Wilam and Queen Shiobhan. This elevation was greeted by thunderous applause from the populace, who needed no urging to cheer at the top of their lungs for the newest Lion.

Gabrielle Darke was called to attend Their Majesties, and welcomed into the Right Noble Order of the Jame de Lion. Huzzah for Her Ladyship!

The Companions of the Order of the Laurel were called forth. Mistress Godytha of Whiteraven, as secretary for the Order, asked that one who had been on vigil be elevated to their company. Countess Ilaria, Mistress Katherine of Hindscroft and Mistress Linnet Kestrel spoke to Their Majesties and the populace of the accomplishments the candidate. Gifts for Their Majesties and for Their Excellencies of Stromgard were brought forth and presented. Well pleased with what they heard, Their Majesties elevated Isrith inn Glothi into the Companionship of the Order of the Laurel. Huzzah for Mistress Isrith!

Baron Syr Garan, as the last person recognized for most impressive death on the field, bestowed the Honor of the Old Shattered Shield to Crown Price Nicholaus and Duke Skapti jointly, for their spectacular double kill in the finals of the Crown Tournament. Sir Hathawulf, as the last recipient of the Muckin' Tall Maul, passed it into the hands of Duke Sven. This weapon is given in recognition of ferocity on the field.

Kingdom Seneschale, Viscountess Callista Balgaire announced that at the April meeting of the BOD, the Barony of Terra Pomeria, the Shire of Couer du Val, and the Shire of Dun an Calahd were officially added to the Principality of the Summits. The populace cheered for the prolific Principality, and the transferred branches.

James the Cook was then summoned into court, where he received an Award of Arms from the hands of Their Majesties. Huzzah for Lord James!

Althaia Lazura was then called, and came forward to be made a Lady by Their Majesties' hands and receiving an Award of Arms. Huzzah for Lady Althaia!

Once more did the herald call out, and Thera von Vilach approached the Thrones to kneel before Their Majesties. For her service to An Tir, this good lady was admitted to the Right Noble Order of the Goutte de Sang. Vivat to Her Ladyship Thera!

The Companions of the Order of the Pelican declared that their membership was lacking, and asked that a member of the populace be placed on vigil to contemplate admission into their company. Companion Celdae the Seeker, who is already a peer as a member of the Order of the Laurel, asked that all who would speak with her come to her as she considers if a second peerage is the correct choice for her. Thus did Their Majesties accept her request for a vigil, and the Order was released to return to their places.

Temair of Hawthorne was next to be called to attend Their Majesties, and was entered into the rolls of the Order of the Goutte de Sang. Huzzah for the newest "ship"!

Likewise was Prudence of Charbonnel summoned, and bestowed an Award of Arms. Vivat Lady Prudence.

Earl Cire came forward as Royal Patron of Wyewood to accept an Award of Arms on behalf of Elena Danilova.

Eulalia de Ravenfeld was called from among the populace to accept from Their Majesties an Award of Arms. Huzzah for Lady Eulalia!

Again did Their Majesties send forth a call, and Bridgette Rolfdottir was made a Lady by Their hands with an Award of Arms. Vivat for Lady Bridgette!

Leonidas Balsamon came to answer Their Majesties' summons to attend them, and was then admitted to the Right Noble Order of the Jambe de Lion. As he rose to leave after three cheers, he was stopped by the King and Queen, and once again asked to kneel before them. Plainly taken by surprise, he was then admitted to the Right Noble Order of the Goutte de Sang! Huzzah for the new double Lordship!!

One more person did the herald call before Their Majesties, and so was Daniel of Montcrief made a Lord by Their hands with an Award of Arms.

Thus ended the evening court on the day of the May Crown Tournament of An Tir.

<<end Natasha's Report>>

Sunday Court

The following bits of business occurred in the Sunday court of Their Royal Majesties, Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir in the Barony of Stromgard, on the 19th day of May being anno societatis thirty seven. The following excellent account is written by Vox Leonis, HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva.

<<Begin Natasha's report>>

As the hour for Closing Court approached, the clouds began to release tiny droplets into the air "that An Tir sunshine again". The Star follower galleries (day shades) were brought from their place on the eric, as well as a pair of more modern pavilions of the Costco variety. Thus the populace was able to stay (mostly) dry and enjoy court in comfort.

The autocrat for May Crown, Earl Edward Ian Anderson, expressed his thanks for the countless hours and skills given by the autocrat team and the many volunteers from the populace who made the event go smoothly.

Elizabeth de Prizzi was summoned before the Thrones, and was bestowed an Award of Arms. Huzzah for Lady Elizabeth!

The next order of business was to call Amice de Chattion forward and to make her a Lady as well. Huzzah for Lady Amice, recipient of an Award of Arms!

His Majesty then called Crown Prince Nicholaus to kneel before him. The sword of the Prince of An Tir was brought forward, and presented to His Royal Highness. Swearing to wield it in defense of An Tir and lead the armies in the name of the King, to bring honor to the Kingdom.

It was announced by the herald on behalf of the Kingdom Seneschal that bids for May Crown 2003 and July Coronation 2003 are now being accepted. A reminder was included that if bids are submitted before July Coronation, Their Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses need to be provided a copy in addition to the submission to the Kingdom Seneschal.

Their Majesties then called Daud McKay before them, and recognized him with an Award of Arms. Huzzah for Lord Daud!

The Incipient Shire of Dun an Caladh brought a petition to the Crown asking to be elevated to full shire status. Upon consultation with the Kingdom Seneschal, who recommended acceptance of the petition, Their Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses agreed to the request and the branch was declared to be a Shire of An Tir. Huzzah for the Shire of Dun an Caladh!! The members of the new shire presented Their Majesties and Their Highnesses of the Summits with a treasure of pearls from the coast and a wall hanging of the region. A copy of the branch newsletter was presented as well, and all were invited to attend the event to choose the Shire Defender.

When the members of the new shire had retired to cheers from the populace, Hrafnir Fiachsman was summoned to present himself before Their Majesties. Kneeling before the Throne, he was bestowed an Award of Arms by Their Hands. Huzzah for Lord Hrafnir!

Graf Berek, the Royal Patron of the Shire of Couer du Val, accepted an Award of Arms for Geoffrey McInnes, who was not at court. It will be presented at a later time, but as it was read out in court, it was effective from that moment. Thus, Huzzah for Lord Geoffrey!

The Arts and Sciences Minister of Eisenmarche accepted the Grant of the Order of the Goutte de Sang for Rhiannon ap Gwynnod who was not in the court. Huzzah for Her Ladyship!

His Majesty once again invited his father, Duke Tjorkill Kanne, to join him in Court. King Wilam then read a letter from Queen Portia of the Kingdom of the West. She wrote of how grateful she has been for the loving support the folk of An Tir have offered her during Her reign, and that she wanted to do something for An Tir.

Queen Portia had managed to acquire a piece of regalia long missing from The Land, and sent home to the Kingdom of An Tir a piece made by Duke Steingrim. How it left An Tir and was for many years away is not completely clear. Recognizing the significance of the brooch, and knowing that many of His Grace's things have been lost through theft, King Wilam presented this historic piece of regalia to Duke Tjorkill. The brooch now borne by His Grace is the original Champion's Brooch, which Duke Tjorkill had once worn as Kingdom Champion.

Calling for cheers to for the generosity of Queen Portia, this story was related to the populace. After finishing it, this humble herald was the recipient of three cheers for the herald led by the King Himself. Thank You, Your Majesty.

Duke Tjorkill took this opportunity to speak to the populace about his having been made a Lion of An Tir, and about the history of the Order which he and Duchess Hlutwige had created. Two more Lions joined him in Court, Duke Thorin and Graf Berek. A token is being prepared for the Lions to bear that they may be recognized by all.

Aedan Mac Suibne presented the results from the Equestrian games, and asked the winners to meet with him adjacent to the main court area to pick up their scrolls and prizes.

Baroness Anne of Blatha an Oir accepted a Grant of Arms for a member of her populace, Siobhan ferch Dierdre. Huzzah for Her Ladyship Siobhan, who was entered into the Right Noble Order of the Goutte de Sang!

Mistress Linnet Kestrel, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister, presented the winners of the Pas de Faux, a competition in which the entrants document and present a hoax as an Arts and Sciences project. The winners were presented with tokens provided by Master Marc de Gaukler. Tyo the Timid was recognized in the novice category for a "Dragon Bumper", and Anor Graybeard for her "An Tir Cloak".

The overall winner was Sven Odin Eye for his Viking Hel Mutt. Asked to model it for the populace, this entry was a show-stopper. As described by the herald for the edification of the populace, this remarkable piece of headgear was made from some sort of kitchen pot, painted white and decorated with mysterious icons (stickers). Atop the (cough, cough) helm was a gold colored winged figurine crest which began life on a bowling trophy, flanked by horns held on with hose clamps. The skirts of the helm were cut from an heraldically embossed copper vessel, nicely protecting the neck and ears of the wearer. And finally, the nasal of this marvel was a stainless steel spoon. Huzzah for the creativity of the competitors!!

Havoise de Rohan was not at court, so a representative from her area accepted her Award of Arms from Their Majesties. Huzzah for Lady Havoise.

The Squires Tourney results were announced, and have been posted separately. Prizes for most fights, most wins, and the chivalry prize were presented. There were 85 fighters in the Squires Tourney list.

Called before Their Majesties, Corrine Maria Henneberg received an Award of Arms. Huzzah for Lady Corrine!

Just before court was ended, Richard Faulker made a presentation to Their Majesties. Sent by his betrothed from her home in the New World were exotic beans of the coffee plant which grows in the high mountains for Her Majesty, who is a connoisseur of the beverage made therefrom. For His Majesty, an image of a royal crown cast in gold.

This ended the closing court of Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir.

<<end Natasha's Report>>

Event Highlights

  • There will be no water available so, please bring your own water.
  • ... Bring your own food and drink for there will be no food vendors on site, per fairgrounds policy.
  • ...Please pack out your trash.


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Personal Memories

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I took my horse and dragged my brother along with me to this event. He'd never been to an event and was visiting me from Colorado. I made him a basic tunic and we showed up early. Almost immediately he disappeared and I saw him helping Sir Edward putting up the fences for the horses.

In fact, I hardly saw him at the event because he was spent the entire time helping people. Not something he was asked to do but something he just really enjoyed doing. He took some time to get a rental horse and play at the games which he really enjoyed. He went around taking a bunch of pictures of everyone.

We attended Court and he was pretty amazed. Then out of no where he was called before the King. We both sort of sat there, then I pushed him. "You have to kneel before him and acknowledge him!" I whispered as I shoved him forward. Being new to the SCA still I had no idea what the etiquette was.

He was really nervous and called King Wilam, "Sire" as he knelt. The King gave him a token and thanked him for helping Sir Edward. My brother came back and was pretty embarassed, "I didn't know what to call him!".

He still talks about it. And he still has the token.

Livia Tasia