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HL Ljúfvina haustmyrky
Resides: Aquaterra
Date Started: AS XLVIII (MKA August 2013)
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Offices: Baronial Minister of Horse
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"Argent, a schimäre rampant sable maintaining a sprig of wolfsbane purpure slipped and leaved vert."

"(Fieldless) A sea serpent in annulo biting its tail per saltire vert and purpure." "(Fieldless) A lion's jambe bendwise erased barry argent and sable."

HL Ljúfvina haustmyrky Hrafnsdóttir is a subject hailing from the Barony of Aquaterra. She joined the society in joined in AS XLVIII. Her primary foci are Equestrian Arts and service to the community in varying degrees, though she also explores costuming and persona development.


While all languages have particular nuances with accents and inflections, Ljúfvina haustmyrky Hranfsdottir may be broken down mundanely in sounds as follows:

  • Ljúfvina: loo - fee -na
  • haustmyrky: haast - meer - key ('haa' sound is like that in 'ha ha')
  • Hrafnsdóttir: Ra - fins - doat - tir (The 'Ra - fins' is akin to the sounds in 'raven')

Meaning and Reference

The given name 'Ljúfvina' is referenced in Geirr Bassi Haraldsson's The Old Norse Name on page 13, with indication that is a 'orthographic variant' of names in the "Book of Settlement" (Landnámabók)¹. According to the Viking Answer Lady's research, the source An Icelandic-English Dictionary, 2nd ed. indicates the name means "beloved friend"²³. Notably, Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol mentioned at the Shire of Midhaven's Mid-Winter Ithra AS XXXXVIII (MKA February 2014) that medieval family's may not have taken the meaning of the given name into account when providing names to infants; it was more often the case that children would be named after family members or share a similarity with a parent's name (e.g., all sons born to Bjorn had names starting with a 'b').

The 'nickname' haustmyrky is also referenced in Haraldsson's work, page 22; the book indicates that it was a name found within the Landnámabók at least once¹. Haraldsson also indicates that this nickname means "autumn (early) dusk".

The byname is of common patronymic structure (geneitive form of the father's name plus the suffix of -son 'son' or -dóttir 'daughter')¹. According to the research by the Viking Answer Lady, Hrafn means "raven (male)"³.

Based on the information, Ljúfvina haustmyrky Hrafnsdóttir means "beloved friend of Autumn's (early) dusk, Raven's daughter". The meaning is reflective of the SCAdian using it, for she greatly enjoys assisting others, her first event had an early dusk during autumn, and her persona is likely to have connections to the Old Norse deity Odin. The byname represents the 'Allfather', with ravens being closely associated with the diety. However, this connection in no way points towards the persona being a "demi-god" or similar; the connection is based off of the persona's role within society and life experiences.

The historically appropriate way to address one of Old Norse culture (when not using the full name) is by the given name. Thus, she may be refereed to as 'm'lady Ljúfvina' or just 'Ljúfvina'. Per Aquaterran culture (and perhaps on the kingdom level), she may be referred to by plays-on-name; by example, she is known by some as 'Ljufvi' (loo-fee).


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9-10th Century Birka

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16th Century Germany

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13-14th Nomadic Mongol

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SCA Interests

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Equestrian Arts

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Persona Development

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Community Service

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SCA History

Ljúfvina began her foray into the Society in August AS XXXXVII (2013) at the Barony of Aquaterra's Social Night in Snohomish. She was unnamed, unknown, and unsure of what to expect; however, she was immediately impressed and touched by the current Baron, Steinolf Ketilsson, taking the time to sit, speak with, and listen to her. Individuals such as the heralds Hafr-Tóki and Oddr Þiálfason, along with Elewyn ferch Emerys, also showed her great kindness in sharing their time and introducing her to others. This left such a strong impression on Ljúfvina that she knew this was exactly the kind of community and game she wanted to be involved in. After that experience, she pursued attending Newcomer's Nights and Culinary Guild Meetings.

Ljúfvina's first event was Aquaterra's Banner War AS XXXXVII (MKA September 2013). At times referred to "Banner Flood"... to be continued

While she began in August, she feels that her true start in the SCA began with that fateful first Banner War. On her 'first anniversary' at Banner War AS XLIX, she was admitted to the Order of the Silver Dolphin by Their Excellencies Baron Steinolf Ketilsson and Baroness Sineidin inghean an Bhiadtaigh.


  • Baronial Minister of Horse for Aquaterra (Dec 2017-Current)
  • Junior Marshal in Equestrian (Feb 2017-current)
  • Seneschal Deputy-in-Training for Aquaterra (July 2017 – current)
  • Royal Guard & Lady-in-Waiting to Savaric de Porte des Lions and Dalla Hjalbaadsdottir (Jan 2018 - Current)
  • Royal Guard & Lady-in-Waiting to Christian Bane and Helene d'Anjou (July 2017- Jan 2018)
  • Lead Event Steward for Aquaterra Champions & St. Ursul’s Collegium (Aug 2017)
  • Co-Steward for Good Yule (Dec 2017 - Aquaterra)
  • Co-Steward for Boars Hunt (June 2017 - Aquaterra)
  • Royal Guard to Kjartan Daegarson and Sha'ya Kjartanskona (July 2016 – Jan 2017)
  • Baronial Grete Boke for Aquaterra (Feb 2014 – Feb 2016)
  • Lady-in-Waiting to Sinedin of Aquaterra (Ursulmas 2014, Baroness’ War 2015)


  • Faux-Horse Demo project Co-Lead at Ursulmas (Jan 2016 - Current)
  • Co-Creator & Supporter of 50th Year Riderless Horse Ceremony Display (Jan 2016- Current)
  • Website support for the Costumers’ Guild of An Tir (Feb 2017 – current)
  • Mead Contest Lead at Good Yule (Dec 2014 - Aquaterra)
  • Local Vigil support for Maestra Fiamma at Boars Hunt (June 2014)
  • Creator & Group Administrator for Artisans of Aquaterra (Unofficial) Facebook group
  • Creator & Group Administrator for Equestrians of Aquaterra (Unofficial) Facebook group
  • Youth and Family Activities Mentor in Equestrian and Costuming (2017- current)


  • Local Youth Equestrian Teacher (2017- current)


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¹ Geirr Bassi Haraldsson. The Old Norse Name. Studia Marklandica I. Olney, MD: Markland Medieval Militia. 1977.

² Cleasby, Richard and Guðbrandr Vigfusson. An Icelandic-English Dictionary. 2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon. 1957.

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