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Kenneniah, Lord Bard of KeyPoynt

Kenneniah aboard the Lady Washington, getting his bard on

Kenneniah is one of the Bards of Keypoynt.

The Real Story

Kenneniah, once known as "Kenneniah, son of Heinrich," was born to a German mercenary and a young Jewess. Kenneniah's mother was the first to introduce him to music. She taught him simple folk songs and introduced him to a varity of instruments. While still at a young and impressionable age his father Heinrich took Kenneniah on a raid far from his home land, believed to be Bavaria. Kenneniah traveled with his father and was instructed in basic combat. However, during a violent raid, Kenneniah fled from his father and found himself stranded in the woods. After wandering for days, lacking food and water, he was discovered by a band of gypsies. He was taken in their care and, to Kenneniah's delight, was encouraged to utilize his musical talents. He developed his talent with singing, fiddle, and lute, while in their care.

When Kenneniah was approximately 14 years of age, the gypsy caravan which had been his home was attacked while staying in a nearby village in Austria. Rumor tells that members of the gypsy camp had stolen coin from citizens of said village. Regardless, Kenneniah again found himself in an uprising of violence and chaos. During the attack, he grabbed his homemade lute and fled.

As so years before, Kenneniah found himself stranded and alone. However, this time he was armed with a repertoire of songs. He soon learned the ways of the wandering minstrel and found himself singing for his supper in pubs and villages. It was in this time that he met the maiden Amnara. The two soon found themselves singing together, and forming a sort of union.

They happened upon the traveling town of KeyPoynt, and found themselves welcome as perminent citizens. They had the titles of Lord and Lady bestowed upon them, and were ceremonially married in the Towne.

Kenneniah and Amnara, as well as a roving pirate named Reyus, found themselves entertaining the populace of KeyPoynt, and all their many visitors, with epic ballads of bravery via such songs as "Beverley Anne," as well as carousing throughout the campfire lit nights with bawdy tunes such as "The Necrophile Song."

A few years after Kenneniah and Amnara settled into KeyPoynt, they found themselves to be the parents of a son whom Amnara named Hellalove. When the child was in his fifth year, a great uprising swept across the land, pitting friends and family against one another as a wicked emperor arose to power. Kenneniah found himself removed from their union as Amnara left with their son. Though daunted, Kenneniah was determined to remain in the life of their child.

Kenneniah disguised himself, and opted not to pursue the Bardic arts, but rather took up paid labor, all the while concealing his identity. It was only once a plague set across the land that Kenneniah found it safe to reveal his identity to a trusted few, and even perform once again. It was also during this time that Kenneniah found himself reunited with his mother, who had searched for him tirelessly over the years.

Kenneniah's Accomplishments

Kenneniah's Award of Arms