Katerine Martel

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Katerine at May Crown.JPG

Lemme tell you story...no too long...lemme sum up......

I have participated heavily in the SCA for about 11 years. Prior to that I was a full time merchant with a court addiction. From 1999 to 2005 I served as an Egil's Ithrotir judge.

In 2003, I served as Merchant Autocrat of 12th Night (hosted here in Adiantum), Merchant Autocrat of Egil's 2003 while also judging in the Ithrotir, and then served as Merchant Autocrat and Co-Autocrat of An Tir-West War (also hosted here in Adiantum). During this time, I was also a member of the Prince's Guard for the Coronet of the Summits. I was graciously allowed to Autocrat Egil's again in 2004. In March of 2005 I received the honor of being invested as the Baroness of Adiantum.

Then (INSANELY) proceeded to Autocrat Egil's in 2005 (WITH TONS OF WONDERFUL HELP) while Baroness.

I do not recommend you try this at home kids!!!

My highest award to date is the Order of the Goutte de Sang, granted at Egil's in 2004 by King Skapti and Queen Asa. I am currently still Baroness and am truly blessed with a populace that is gracious, talented and very hard working!! I reside in Adiantum with the Baronial Hound...Oggie..

See I can keep it short!!

- Katerine