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Newsletter of the Summits.


In May AS XX 1985 the first issue of the Summits newsletter was printed, called “Echos [sic] in the Summits Region”, edited by Cassandra Rhondelle (also Seneschal of Glyn Dwfn): “the unofficial newsletter for the region encompassing Adiantum, Myrtleholt, Falconsmere, Glyn Dwfn, and Southmarch (and, depending upon who you listen to, Crystalmist and Allyshia); sometimes called ‘Summits’.” Echos took over from Glyn Dwfn’s Harpsong.

The early years of the newsletter were somewhat intermittent, and the issue numbering skipped around and restarted several times; the title also fluctuated. By July AS 27 1992, the newsletter became simply Echoes. With the push for Principality status, Echoes became an important tool for sharing information and helping to solidify the regional identity of the Summits.