Doctor Carus

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Doctor Carus and his pot-quern

A Benedictine monk and scholar of the year 1300 in Northumberland, England, with a special interest in the Natural Sciences, including Alchemy. During his previous studies at the University of Paris, he came to know great minds such as Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas and Roger Bacon, and cutting-edge inventions like Gunpowder and the Magnifying Glass. His personal Inspiration is Pope Gregory the Great, the Patron Saint of Science for this era.

Dr Carus currently resides at Burn Abbey, in the Barony of Lions Gate, Principality of Tir Righ. By special permission of his Abbott, he attends, camps, teaches and demonstrates at SCA events, and participates in their A&S competitions. He contributes the column "Ask our Alchemist" to the North Wind, and is a Dean of Lions Gate for The University of Tir Righ (TUTR).

His articles and projects on medieval science & technology may be found on his own website at

Entry in the An Tir College of Heralds Order of Precedence.