Crinoc Donn

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Crínóc Donn ui Laoghaire (pronounced: kree-noke down uh leery) was born just before the Black Death and now (ca 1380) lives in the port city of Cork, Ireland with her husband. Her family are landowners beholden to the MacCarthy Mór of Macroom and Blarney. She speaks English and Irish and knows a few phrases of church Latin.

Crínóc was Aquaterra's Arts and Sciences Champion from 2010-2011, and her student Yvette du Coeur won Midhaven's Arts and Sciences Championship in 2010, and succeeded Crínóc as Aquaterra's A&S Champion in 2011. Crínóc is an advisor to the Aquaterra Costumers Guild, and is pursuing the An Tir Costumer's Guild challenges (currently she is a Senior Student, and hopes to make Journeyman soon). She has served Aquaterra as Deputy Exchequer from X to Y, and as Minister of Arts and Sciences from Sep 2004 to Dec 2006. Crínóc teaches regularly at Ithra.

She is also deeply involved in producing the Barony's events, and has created a guide for local Event Stewards (aka autocrat) that resides on the Baronial website. She has been Event Steward for Boars Hunt 2005 and 2009, Banner War 2006 and 2009, Sergeantry Midterms 2008, Sergeantry Trials 2008, and Co-Event Steward for Ursulmas 2011 and Art of War 2010. Crínóc is Event Steward for Ursulmas 2012.

At events, Crínóc can be found camping with her lord, Styrkarr Bjarnarsson, and usually some combination of the following gentles: Adrianna Mac A Verr and Gregor of Aquaterra, Marguerite fitz William and Bjorn Styrkarsson, Myrun Bjarnardottir and Dayne Lonewolfe, Katla Mani, Yvette du Couer and Iain MacGillean, .

Crínóc holds the following awards [1]

Crínóc's interests include: historical clothing, bookbinding/bookmaking, calligraphy, culinary arts, home furnishings and pavilions, dance, and the list goes on.

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