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The Art of War will hopefully be held early in the year. Hosted by the Barony of Aquaterra.

The Art of War - a four day training event with the following goal: To advance the skill of each SCA War Fighter: as a warrior, leader, strategist, trainer of others and as a battle-Historian

Individual Events

Notes About Art of War


Due to the time of year, the weather can be drizzly, rainy and/or cold at night. Drills and practices will occur despite rain, however.


Things to bring:

  • Your heavy fighting kit (armor, weapons, fight clothes), or archery kit, or fencing kit, as appropriate for your track.
  • Your fight authorization
  • Any extra weapons, gear, and repair kits you might need or be able to loan
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, cushions, pillows.
  • Garb for wear during classes.
  • Changes of garb and fight clothing - it includes four days of instruction and fighting.
  • Towel, shower shoes, soap, shampoo - showers are available.
  • Ditty bag - toothpaste and tooth brush, etc.
  • Any needed medications
  • A notepad and pencil/pen
  • A willingness to learn
  • A good appetite

Things to leave behind:

  • Feast gear - it's all provided
  • Tents (unless you hear otherwise)
  • Extraneous items - the days begin early, end late, and are full - you don't have a lot of downtime.
  • Preconceived ideas on how learning, and war work.


The Art of War is normally held at a Boy Scout camp. Normally, this means covered sleeping areas with bunks are available, so tents will not be needed - but this may vary. Showers and bathrooms are also available. Due to the time of year, however, it may be cold at night. A parking lot is nearby.

There is usually access a variety of terrain for drills and fighting. This has included, at past events: multiple fields for drill and practice; wooded areas; bridges; and a mine (underground lit passage). There is also normally a dining hall that is also used for classes, and additional classroom areas may be available for other tracks.

It's possible to day-trip a day (or even each day) of this event if you live near, but be aware you will need to leave quite early and go home late (and tired!) to participate in the full days activities and meals. Sharing meals and lodging are all part of the team-building experience, so day-tripping isn't really recommended.



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