Art of War XLIV/2010

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April 15 to 18 XLIV/2010
Aquaterra (Snohomish, WA)
Jade Redstone
Name: Camp Brinkley, 25600 Monroe Camp Rd., Snohomish, WA 98290
Repeating Event
The Art of War
(briefly) Sample: Cold, with snow on the ground.
War track
War Event Steward track

Event Copy

A Known World Premier War Training Focused Event.

For fighters of all arts:

  • War Rapier, War Archery, and Heavy fighters
  • There will be training in Tactics, Command, and Strategy
  • For each discipline there will be Drills, Practice, Execution.
  • And more total team experiences Learning, Sharing and Practicing

For Event Stewards The fine art of putting on a Great War or other event

Information and discussion on events of all size and type

War Events big and small

Tourneys for all fighters

Discussion of the money, the forms, and the tiny little details

How to get the word out and tools to keep you on top of those pesky deadlines.

War Track

War Fighting adds an unparalleled dynamic to any Fighter’s experience. Art of War is an intensive 4 day total immersion in the history, drill, and thrill of SCA War Fighting. Through participation in Art of War II, The War Beginner will become a strong Shield Wall Fighter. The occasional War Fighter will earn the skill and confidence to command small units. The Unit Leader will begin to know the weight of command.

Instructors comprise some of the Knowne World’s finest, including: Count Balin (Caid) Sir Straum (Middle) Master John the Pell (East) & Viscount Edward Zifran (East Kingdom/Pennsic Steward) as well as some of An Tir's best and brightest!

Event Steward Track

The goal of Event Steward track at AoW II, is to demystify the process and practice of running a large attendee event. Every phase of planning, from initial concept, bid proposals, staffing, special needs of the event (War V. Tourney), and managing the on-site aspects to final project reports will be covered.

This track will cover common needs of all events and issues unique to larger events. The ultimate objective is to inspire confidence and motivation in Event Steward students, helping you gain or improve skills. In the end creating a larger management base to draw upon for future events.

All Food and Lodging Provided. Three meals a day and snacks. Menu outline to follow soon. Bring Armor, Weapons, Note Taking Materials, Your Favorite Mug, Bedding, 1 set of Garb, Camera. That's about all you'll need.

Event Highlights

What happened in court.


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Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

Personal Memories

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