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Or, on a pale between two laurel wreaths azure a beacon Or enflamed proper.

The Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt Medieval Club) is part of the Barony of Seagirt, located in the Principality of Tir Righ. Mundanely it located at Canada's west coast naval base in Esquimalt, BC.


The first stirrings of Crickstow-on-sea came in October 1993 at the Shire of Seagirt's "Camelia von Rottenburg Memorial Tournament". A handful of gathered people realized that there were a significant number of military personnel present. They gathered for a quick talk and they included such people as James the Tormentor, Brita the Tormented, Robert of Salisbury, Erasmus the Traveller, Aliena Searover, William the Mariner and Riognach of Ruantallan. It was decided that James the Tormentor and Robert of Sailsbury would prepare and deliver a presentation to the CFB Esquimalt Recreation Committee. The proposal was a huge success and was followed by James the Tormentors financial proposal to the base fund committee which granted a start up grant of $6,000 which was used to purchase the initial trappings like the pavillion and the sword in 1994. The Port was given full status as a Port at Twelfth Night in the Barony of Seagirt by TRM Skepti II and Asa I when Her Majesty presented the charter to the Seneschal Turpin Deiga and His Majesty presented the sword to the Marshal James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd.

The port went through two names before settling on the current one. The initial name was chosen as Aqua Cullis. It was thought to have a 'fun' name that echoed the First Nations name for Esquimalt (Shoaling Waters). The plan was to use "Sliding Waters" and pun it as "Water Slide". The heralds concocted "Aqua Cullis" drawing the word Aqua from the latin for 'waters' and Cullis from the french for 'sliding' as in portcullis. This was similar to the English town of Aqua Sullis which was the Roman name for Bath. The Kingdom Heralds explained that you cannot mix languages and that the literal translation for Aqua Cullis was "Water issuing from one's behind". They agreed that we could use that if we still wished to be known as that. After a narrow vote margin it was defeated.

Next came the Gaelic. At that time this branch was the western-most in An Tir. The new name in Gaelic was Laighe ne Greine, often bastardized to Lay Down I'll Groin Ya, which means Port "Where the sun goes down". The heralds rejected it as too fantastical.

Finally it was decided to go with olde english and a traditional name. Crickstow-on-sea. A crick being a hill. A stow being a place where you keep things. Thus the Port of Crickstow-on-sea is the port near the ocean with a hill where you keep things.


President (senschal): Wulfgar Bradaxe Vice: Lachlan Sec: Bryce Adams

Notable Past Residents

James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd- founder

Robert of Salisbury - founder

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