Ceara inghean ui Mhadadhain

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Isn't this exciting? A page about little ole me. Well, I guess it isn't all THAT exciting but here is is. A little about me in this world.


My name is Ceara inghean uí Mhadadháin (KEE-ra in-yen wih VAD-a-yain). I was born in Galway, Ireland in the year 1491, daughter of a clan leader and an English noblewoman, though this is not widely known. My father sired two other boys, both much older than I, long before my arrival. I don’t really know them since I stayed with my mother. Since my father did not wish to be discovered (marriage between us and the English is forbidden), he sent me to go live with my mother’s kin after she died. I think I reminded him of her too much so he did not like to have me around. My mother died when I was quite young and I am sad to say that the memories I have are growing harder to recall as time passes on. The strongest memories I have are that she was gentle, kind and beautiful.

Currently I am in the service of the Countess of Kildare, attending to her as she requires. How I came to be in her service is quite confusing and even I don’t completely understand it but I am grateful nonetheless. Other than the Countess, my heritage is largely unknown and my Mistress advises me to keep my tongue about it. She has even implied I am English to others which is interesting. Even the Earl doesn’t know from whence I came. This is probably for the best. Perhaps I should change my name to an English one.

Of course, in the mundane world, I am married with children. Just haven't figured out how to fit them into my SCA world. I'll get there eventually. My husband does play in the SCA as Herbateus. Many know him as the kick-butt javelin thrower at Clinton!

I am a member of the Clan MacAndrew and generally just like to help out where and when I can. I like dance, archery, A&S and people, among other things that elude me at the moment. I was a protege to Master John MacAndrew.

My Heraldry!


Per pale azure and argent, two hares salient respectant counterchanged argent and sable, on a chief per pale argent and azure three cinquefoils counterchanged sable and argent. Ha HA! :) I have a registered badge too (Fieldless) A cinquefoil per pall inverted azure, argent, and sable.

Things I like most

People! Doing service in its many shapes and forms. I just like to help! Archery, dance, books, cooking, heraldry (what a shock) and many more things to numerous to name

Awards and Ranks Earned:

  • Pelican, August 2014
  • Tir Righ Silver Pillar, August 2012
  • An Tir Goutte de Sang, September 2009
  • Courtier to the Baroness Lions Gate, August 2009
  • Baronial Lions Claw, December 2007
  • An Tir Award of Arms, August 2006

Offices Served:

  • Governor, University of Tir Righ, November 2015 (current)
  • Tir Righ Minister of Lists, February 2013-2015
  • Tir Righ Calendar Deputy, February 2013-2015
  • Shire of Ramsgaard A&S Officer, August 2012- August 2013
  • Barony of Lions Gate Seneschale, 2011-2012
  • Contingency Deputy Seneschal to Lady Francesca Wallace Drakere, 2009 – 2010
  • An Tir Black Talbot (An Tir College of Heralds), 2009 – 2010
  • Deputy Seneschal to HL Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrais, 2007 – 2009
  • Deputy Seneschal to Lord Donatello Sanudo, 2007
  • Baronial Chronicler, 2006-2009
  • Deputy Baronial Chronicler, 2005-2006

Other offices served:

  • NSCA Treasurer, 2008

Committees served:

  • Tir Righ: Road to Kingdom Committee?, Chair, Sept 2013-Feb 2017
  • Baronial Financial Committee, 2010-2012
  • Baronial Constitution Committee (dissolved), 2007

Events as Event Steward:

  • Tournament of Armies, Lions Gate – August 2017 (Co-Steward)
  • Tir Righ Heraldic & Scribal Symposium – May 2013 (Co-Steward)
  • Sergeant, Yeoman, Gallant & Courtier Trials – August 2010
  • Newcomers – March 2010
  • Arts & Sciences Defender & Day of Dance – February 2010
  • Baroness’ Tourney – November 2009
  • Baroness’ Tourney – November 2008
  • Baroness’ Tourney – December 2006

Also helped cook for Baronial Banquet in 2010.

Demos coordinated:

  • Langley Fundamental Middle School demo in February annually since 1998
  • Walnut Grove Secondary School demo in February annually, 1997 - 2009

Classes taught:

  • Persona Development for Sergeantry Applicants - August 2011
  • Dance for SYGC Candidates – May 2010
  • How to be an Autocrat – Tir Righ A&S 2009
  • How to advertise your event using a website – 2007

Formal competitions entered:

  • Baronial A&S Defender 2009
  • Baronial A&S Defender 2008
  • 12th Night Scribal Contest for Calligraphy – 2005

Articles written:

  • An Autocrat’s Guide for the Barony of Lions Gate – August 2009 (soon to be updated)
  • A multitude of articles for the North Wind when I was Chronicler :)