Biǫrn Atlason

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Biǫrn and his lady Angela at Embers and Ambrosia in 2017
Resides: Aquaterra
Date Started: 1998
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Gorges Pursuivant 2018-2022

Sable, a bear's head affronty erased and on a chief embattled Or five crescents pendant gules.


Biǫrn biarnylr Atlason was raised on a small farm on the outskirts of the settlement of Hedeby.

In Society

Biǫrn has spent most of his time within the lands of the Golden Blossom, known as the Barony of Blatha an Oir. He first entered the lands in Anno Societatis XXXIII (33) during the reign of Baron Yusuf Ja'bar al Timbuktuwwi el galot and Baroness Isabeau de Lis Noir but remained on the fringes. It was not until meeting Baron Hengist Helgason and Baroness Marike Sigrunasdotter that he started participating more frequently in the events of the Barony.

in Anno Societatis LI (51) Biǫrn relocated to within the borders of the Barony of Aquaterra

Biǫrn served as the Archery Champion for The Barony of Blatha an Oir from Anno Societatis L through LI. During his tenure as Champion he was taken under the wing of Archos Leif Moonshadow Dalessonn, a member of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft, becoming one of his Arcuarius.

Offices Held

Gorges Pursuivant - Barony of Aquaterra: December 2018 - 2022

Arts & Sciences Interests

Silk Painting
Wire Weaving
Jewelry Making

Martial Persuits & Interests

Archery - Senior Marshal - Ranked as an Archer
Thrown Weapons - Senior Marshal - Ranked in the Advanced Division (Prior to December 14, 2019 Master Thrower)
Siege Weaponry


Archery Champion: Barony of Blatha an Oir - September 19, Anno Societatis L (AS 50) (2015)
Golden Blossom: Barony of Blatha an Oir - September 17, Anno Societatis LI (AS 51) (2016)
Golden Blossom: Barony of Blatha an Oir - August 12, Anno Societatis LII (AS 52) (2017)
Award of Arms: Kingdom of An Tir - September 9, Anno Societatis LII (AS 52) (2017)
Order of the Plate: Barony of Aquaterra - January 25, Anno Societatis LIV (AS 54) (2020)
Order of the Silver Dolphin: Barony of Aquaterra - December 4, Anno Societatis LVI (AS 56) (2021)
Award of Arms: Kingdom of An Tir - January 8, Anno Societatis LVI (AS 56) (2022)
Order of the Grey Goose Shaft: Kingdom of An Tir - June 18, Anno Societatis LVII (AS 57) (2022)
Griffe et du Lion: Kingdom of An Tir - January 28, Anno Societatis LVII (AS 57) (2023)
La Compaignie de la Forche: Barony of Wyewood - Sep 9, Anno Societatis LVIII (AS 58) (2023)
Panther's Torch: Barony of Blatha An Oir - Sep 16, Anno Societatis LVIII (AS 58) (2023)
Goutte de Sang: Kingdom of An Tir - Jan 27, Anno Societatis LVIII (AS 58) (2024)