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Greetings! My name is Maricka. I have been a part of the SCA since 1994. I am a past landed Baroness of Blatha an Oir, An Tir and a Companion of the Laurel. I love to teach and I love to serve the SCA in any way I can. Teaching and volunteering is my muse. I study, teach and create a lot of historical arts however the main focus of my work is on historical beads. My bead focus is on Migration era and Viking age lamp work beads in Scandinavia and Western Europe. My minor bead focus is Roman and Egyptian glass mainly focusing on beads. I also research and create iron age apparel. (mainly male) and its focus is in Denmark and Anglo Saxon England an dhave been teaching classes on the history and creation of these garments since 2013. I am also a miniature portrait artist with focus being 16th and 17th centuries England.

Please click on the link to view my resume. Thank you.

( Registered name: Maricka Sigrunsdotter (Icelandic/Danish) AKA