Angantyr Hjalmsmithr

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(Formerly known as Richard FitzGerald of Broadmeadow.)

Proud to have been squired to Viscount Scellanus of Skye - (Viscount of An Tir, Laurel, Pelican,& Knight), and apprenticed to Sir Aethelhere the Unsteady (Knight and Laurel) before attaining the rank of Laurel himself, for metalwork.

Proud to have been one of Viscountess Amanda's sergeants, before retiring (with great sadness) upon her step-down as Baroness of Lions Gate.

Enjoys heavy combat, archery, armouring and metalsmithing, and especially the company of his Lady wife Mairin O'Quinlan, and his three children.

Has resided in Appledore, Lions Gate, Krakenfjord, Montengarde, Lionsdale, and finally back to Krakenfjord. Still has close ties to Lions Gate (as well as good friends from the other branches lived in)