Aelfwynn Fiske

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The Honorable Lady Aelfwynn Fiske


mka: Diane Karpinski

Protege to Dame Arwen McDougall Lioncourt OP


Award of Arms Nov 3 AS 25 / 1990

Bell & Chain (Stromgard) July 1 AS 34 / 1999

Goutte de Sang Sept 4 AS 34 / 1999

Famulus Primarius (Stromgard) June 21 AS 38 / 2003

Jambe de Lion Aug 7 AS 40 / 2005

Projects: Aelfwynn has been involved in the SCA for almost 20 years. In that time, she has served as Stromgard's Seneschal, Lists Mistress, Feast Steward, and Autocrat. Aelfwynn loves to cook feasts, and you will often find her there helping the staff and getting others involved. She also makes a point to involve newcomers and makes them feel comfortable.

Current Project: Feast Steward Founding Revel 2009, Stromgard

Arwen Amia Magda AElfwynn Emryn.jpg

AElfwynn pictured far right with protege sisters and Dame Arwen