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mka Jennifer Berry

new persona as of 8/17/10: Madame Jacqueline de Lioncourt, 1481, Liocourt, France

AnTir Minister of Family Activities: April 2011-April 2013

Jacqueline de Lioncourt April 2011.jpg


Amia Amia Turner, Barbara Svardhardt


Award of Arms Nov 3 AS 25 / 1990

Goutte de Sang June 13 AS 27 / 1992

Golden Torc (Three Mountains) Jan 28 AS 28 / 1994

Jambe de Lion Sept 3 AS 29 / 1994

Sergeant (Three Mountains) May 4 AS 30 / 1995

Courtier (Three Mountains) Dec 3 AS 30 / 1995

Pelican Jan 10 AS 32 / 1998

Crystal Rainbow (Three Mountains) Oct 23 AS 35 / 2000

Sergeant and Courtier Emeritus Three Mountains Sept AS 41 / 2006

Golden Torc (Three Mountains) Nov 28 AS 44 / 2009

Received Scribal Tokens for original scroll from Elizabeth I and charter design from Elizabeth II

Bell and Chain (Stromgard) May 30 AS 45 / 2010

Mountain Sun (Three Mountains) Jun 11 AS 46 / 2011

Arts and Sciences Competitions:

Barony of Three Mountains A&S Championship 1995: Overall Competitor (Rhetoric: "In Defense of Juggling", Map: Mineral Riches of AnTir, Juggling)

Barony of Stromgard A&S Championship 2004: Overall Competitor (Playing Recorder music: A suite of 3 bransles and teaching the dances, Juggling/Jesting, Armoured Turnips)

Kingdom Bardic Championship 2005: Overall Competitor (Juggling, Song: "Can She Excuse My Wrongs?", Martial Arts routine, Poem)

Kingdom A&S Championship 2006: Overall Competitor (Song "Can She Excuse My Wrongs?", 16th Century smock, Armoured Turnips, 16th century hooks/eyes and pins)

Shire of Dragon's Mist A&S Defender 2007: Overall Competitor (16th century blackwork embroidery)

Barony of Stromgard A&S Championship 2008: Overall Competitor (Story: "The Jongleur de Notre Dame", 16th Century outfit, Tart on Ember Day)

AnTir Costumer's Guild 2009: First Place: Intermediate Category

Barony of Three Mountains 2010: A&S CHAMPION (Song: Cold and Raw, 16th century appliqued embroidery velvet book chemise, booklet of period children's games and pastimes)

Original Scrolls: Tvorimir Danilov--Pelican, Stromgard Ordo Famuli, Stromgard Order of the Swan. Kingdom AoA Charter Design (calligraphy and illumination) for Cedric II and Elizabeth II

Embroidery Projects: 9 Kingdom rose pouches for Queen Caia--Pennsic Largesse, Three Mountains Lancer badges, Order of the Silver Rose and Silver Lily for Sven IV and Signy IV, Pennsic patch--Ealdormere 2009, Pennsic Bag--Meridies 2010

Skills that I Teach: Voice Heraldry, Juggling/Jesting, Singing, Story-telling, Middle Eastern dance, English Country dance, Playing the Recorder, Playing the doumbek, Basic Embroidery.

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Silverrose pouch Arwen Lioncourt.jpg
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