Thorin Njalsson

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Ermine, a lion rampant guardant maintaining a sword sable within a bordure counter-ermine.

One of the greatest and most decorated Knights in the history of An Tir, Duke Thorin holds the record for most reigns as King of An Tir with seven. He reigned 4 times with Duchess Angharad, once with Countess Sineidin, and twice with Duchess Dagmaer.

He trained in the art of armored combat from Duke Paul of Bellatrix of the West and is active in the fighting community providing both training, inspiration, and an extreme challenge to the fighters of An Tir. He was Heavy Fighting Champion for the Barony of Glymm Mere so often that they made him a permanent champion for their group. He has trained numerous squires, including several who were elevated to the accolade. And most importantly, he's made a huge difference in the lives of those that he has taught, advised, or befriended.

He has been called "Duke One Shot" (or the "Roboduke") because of his fighting style. The style has the minimum of wasted motion combined with an extremely high ratio of attempted blow to attempted killing blows. In short, he rarely swings his sword if there isn't already a killing blow available. Because of his program of active stretching, staying in good condition and keeping his armor up to spec, and using only fighting motions that do not cause injuries in the long term, he has experienced very few broken bones or limiting injuries across a very long and illustrious fighting career.

His fighting style and his teaching methods are based on Duke Thorin's Basic Principles: 1. Stay centered and balanced. 2. Be relaxed and fluid. 3. Maintain good posture and form. 4. Keep focused.

His first event was Spring Tourney in the Barony of Madrone, April 17, 1971 (AS V).

After serving as the founding seneschal of the Protectorate of Thairis (now the Kingdom of Drachenwald) he as awarded the PCS (Protectorates Company of Sojourners, now called the Popular Company of Sojourners) on November 13, 1976 (AS XI).

He was created the first Sergeant of the Barony of Madrone (and of An Tir, and of the Known World) on July 16, 1977 (AS XII).

He received his first Honor of the Silver Rose on September 4, 1977 (AS XII). He has received six, so has been in the finals 13 times.

He was created a Knight of the Kingdom of the West by King Gregory of York and Queen Bevin Fraser of Sterling on June 25, 1978 (AS XIII).

He won his first Crown Tournament on September 3, 1983 (AS XVIII) at September Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of An Tir.

He was created a Count (taking the title of Jarl) by King Berek von Langental and Queen Liesel von Langental on July 14, 1984 (AS XIX).

He was created a Duke by King Dak Ulfredsson of An Tir and Queen Lao Yu on January 10, 1987 (AS XXI).

He was created a Lion of An Tir by King Aveloc the Younger and Queen Laurellen de Brandevin on May 1, 1999 (AS XXXIV).

He was created a member of the Order of the Pelican by King Ulf and Queen Caoimhe ingen Domnaille on July 20, 2013 (AS XXXIV).

Thorin-angharad-1984a.jpg King Thorin and Queen Angharad, Twelfth Night Coronation, January 14, 1984 (AS XVIII).

Thorinduke.jpg Crown Prince Thorin escorting in by the members of the Varangian Guard, July Coronation, July 12, 1986 (AS XXI).

Thorin1.jpg King Thorin at the Madrone Champions Tourney, 1986 (AS XXI).

1996 King Thorin and Queen Sineidin.jpg King Thorin and Queen Sineidin Bean Thorain at May Crown, May 18, 1996 (AS XLVIII).

Thorin and Dagmaer Coronation.JPG The crowning of Queen Dagmaer by King Thorin.