Skaldi Vandraeðaskáld

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Squire to Sir Styrkarr Jarlsskald at Baron's Ball October 5th, 2012
Sergeant of Wastekeep, Sworn in Fealty to Baroness Dagrun Stjarna at Wastekeep Sergeant Trials August 9th, 2014
Skaldi swearing fealty to Sir Styrkarr

Awards and Honors
Sergeant of Wastekeep by Baroness Dagrun Stjarna Aug 9th, 2014 AS XLIX

Squiring Ceremony Oaths


Follow this skald in oath,
Blood given, to my firelit halls
In Wastekeep, by the great coiled serpent
Flowing ever to Ran’s nets.

With old tales my house is painted.
here I say the Valkyrs will follow,
And ravens, even victorious Odin
On the blood of holy Baldur.

Free handed am I,
Of Sif’s firm-grown tresses,
Ice of the Hoar-Frost,
Otter-gild and Kvasir’s blood.

The Norn’s draft I offer,
At the gnarled roots of Yggdrasil,
Where the Nidhogg gnaws
And the Hanged-God drank.

Split the waves with me,
‘Neath Ymir’s skull where the land
Of Godwin’s second son lies ripe,
Dipped in colored stars of stone.

The slain shall lay there sand-strewing,
Spoil for the Single-Eyed
Dweller in Frigg’s bosom;
In such deeds we will rejoice.

I Styrkarr Jarlskald,
The silver wyvern on ermine,
Son of the Fair Hair, he of the Brown Wolf,
Himself of Dyon the Firstborn, do bind this oath.


And to Styrkarr, the Jarl’s skald,
He who sates the ravens
With the gore of hosts
This oath is given.

Horn-bearer I shall be
Shielding the brilliant star
And pups of the white fox
Heirs of the mighty house.

Our gulls-wake shield-sails shall
Take the sternest crashing storm wind
Of the Valkyrs, where hail of bow-strings
Drives, and the sword blades hammer.

The dance of Odin’s ringing fire,
The heft of the Troll-woman,
In my hands the angry serpent.
Learn I where warriors in strife meet.

Gleefully we join the spear-storm
With heroes, where the eagles
Scream at the din of Skogul
And Odin’s maids reap the slain.

Our saga the thrice-won quest
To the links of Freyja’s tears.
Together weighty our deeds
Worthy fame’s mead.

I Skaldi Vandrӕðaskáld,
Beloved of the Hrafnvíðir,
As the panther, the anchor, and the sleeping lion before me,
Bind me to Styrkarr on blooded belt.