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Lord Lyulf de Flandry

The MacFlandry Troop is perhaps more widely known as "The Royal MacFlandry Guards Regiment of An Tir" from their long heyday in Royal service. The troop did start as the household troop of the Clan MacFlandry, and remained closely attached for as long as the household remained as a core group.

It is to be remembered that "The Guard" household is a separate household from "The Clan MacFlandry". There is much overlap of membership, especially among the founders, but it is not precisely the same organization.

Marching2 2.jpg
I apologize for the quality of these photos - they are rather old, but the best I have.

The remnants of the Guard may be contacted through their YahooGroup, Guardposts. The current Commanding Officer is HL Gavin Flandre (MacFlandry) aka Pathfinder, Col. Kendrew MacFlandry of Dundee having retired from office.

Colonel Pathfinder, Gavin Flandre, has sent along a story of the very early days of The Guard, in which Colonel Evan Graham of Montrose had managed to get The Guard into the position of being part of the officiating retinue of the Queen - Queen Elizabeth II of England that is!

"Welllll...It all began with Col. Evan Graham - Talk about anachronism, he would have fit perfectly in a Victorian British Infantry regiment circa 1890 - he always was a romantic sort. He managed to get the dread Secret Service to acknowledge the presence of the Guard (not always a good thing) and convinced them that we were relatively harmless - an agent inspected the muskets and all. I'm not sure how he managed to keep a lid on all of the rowdy Irishmen (Like Robert MacFlandry) but things went off without any real problems.

Now, bear in mind that I was not there, but I got some good stories, one being about Prince Phillip questioning Trooper Edward Ian Anderson about our purpose while standing on Lancer Shannon's foot! Sir Edward - yes that one - being a former member of the USMC "vacation and travel club" no doubt delivered his lines in a manner that would have made his old DI proud and Shannon, being a good trooper, refrained from screaming.

It had been said that her Majesty was quite charming.

Kendrew may have more details, but don't ask him about his horse and the Honda."

-Col. Gavin MacFlandry

Respectfully submitted, Moreach nic Mhaolain, Sgt. of the Guard, B Company