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The Shire of Lionsdale (Mundanely Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows B.C.) is located in the Principality of Tir Righ and a proud part of the Kingdom of An Tir. Nestled between the mountain ranges several miles from the coast, with its exquisite beauty and rolling farmland, Lionsdale is to many gentles a home away from home.


Blazon: Or, on a cross formy quadrate sable within a laurel wreath vert a lion's face Or.


Pre-Canton discussions begin in the eastern part of Lions Gate
Founded 1996
The Canton of Lionsdale in the Barony of Lions Gate
April 1, XXVI/2002
Given official borders, Lionsdale is now the Fraser Valley Regional District
January 11, XXXVII/2003
Lionsdale becomes a Shire
November 1, XLV/2010
Merge with Eisenmarche, Lionsdale expands to include Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam and New West are given to Lions Gate

Lionsdale Gentles with "An Tir Wiki" profiles

Thane Einar "Oak" Guntharson
Hleafdige Thora Golvik of Al in Hallingdal
Viscount Savaric de Porte des Lions
Viscountess Safiye al-Konstantiniyye
Duke Darius Corvinus
Countess Nyfain (aka Morgaine Brigantia)
Duke Ieuan Gower
Duchess Gwyneth Gower
Viscountess Dalla Halbadsdottir
Master Angantyr Hjalmsmithr
Mistress Desiree Chirastella
Oberst Luther Magnus
Fechtmeister Godfrey von Ravensburg
Her Ladyship Porzia di Corbino Rosso
Her Ladyship Aliva Spenser
Her Ladyship Aislinn O'Connor
Her Ladyship Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter
Her Ladyship Elspeth Selwode of Wilton aka Elspeth Sèalwudu
Her Ladyship Geira inn hárfagra
Her Ladyship Mara no Jumalam
Her Ladyship Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig
His Lordship Tomas de Courcy
Her Ladyship Rose Cam-beul
Lord Bowdyn Ivarsson
Lady Komatsu no Ayame aka Kale Kepourina Akropolitissa
Lord Dougal MacLaomuinn
Lord Ailric the Green
Senhora Orraca Da Coruña aka Agdta Xalbadora Da Coruña
Hlaford Wulfstan Hrafnsson
Tighearna Malys mac Néill
Lady Elspeth Farre
Lord Brynteach MacQuarrie
Lord Jameson Wheeler
Caterine Rose d’Evreux


Seneschal -- Dalla in Fagra
Deputy Seneschal: Vacant
Exchequer -- Lord Sile inghean Phadraig ui Neill
Deputy Exchequer: Vacant
Chamberlain: Vacant
Herald -- Vacant
Deputy Herald: Vacant
Scribal Deputy: Vacant
Master of Stables -- Vacant
Deputy Master of Stables: Vacant
Master of Heavy: Einar Guntharson
Archery Marshal: Vacant
Master of Blades: vacant
Thrown Weapons Deputy: vacant
List Mistress: vacant
Chronicler -- Vacant
Webminister:Honesty Sweeting
Minister of Arts & Sciences -- Caterine Rose d’Evreux
Deputy A&S: Vacant
Bardic Deputy: Vacant
Chatelaine -- Lady Tova of Lionsdale
Deputy Chatelaine: Vacant
Gold Key: Vacant


During Covid, Council made the decision to release all champions from their responsibilities. Therefore we currently do not have any Champions. Our shire has yet to hold a Championship event since Covid. However two new bids will be coming before council in the new year that will include a championship component.

Armoured Combat
Arts & Sciences
Missile Combat
Rapier Combat
Thrown Weapons


Traditional Events

Lionsdale Champion's Tourney (June)
Lionsdale Winter's Tourney (January/February)
Odin's Playground (September)

Other Events

May Crown Tournament (May 2004)
Lionsdale Revels in Learning (October 2006)
Tir Righ Winter Investiture (Winter 2006)
Lionsdale Fall University (October 2006)
Tir Righ Heraldic Symposium (April 2010)
Tir Righ August Investiture (August 2010)
Tir Righ August Investiture (August 2012)
Tir Righ June Coronet (June 2013)
Tir Righ Administrative Retreat (November 2013)
Tir Righ February Investiture (February 2014)
Tir Righ Fall Investiture (October 2014)
Tir Righ August Investiture (August 2015)
Tir Righ February Investiture (February 2017)
An Tir July Coronation (July 2017)


The only token the Shire of Lionsdale gives out is the Scapula Leonis. It is a token of thanks to those who have gone above and beyond in support of the shire.

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