Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration L/2015

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November 06 to 08, L/2015
An Tir
Renart le Fox de Berwick
Ocean Shores Convention Center, Ocean Shores, WA
Friday - clear and cold, Saturday gusting winds and varying from mist to monsoon.
Five course feast all day Saturday - Italian themed
Bardic performances all weekend
Arts and Sciences display
Masked Ball Friday evening
Heavy Armored Tournament Saturday
Rapier Tournament Saturday
Tavern/Games room

Event Highlights

Feast Menu

(tentative menu}

First Breakfast* Roman Breakfast (HE Refr orðlokarr Fiachson)

  • Bread
  • Porridge
  • Olives, cheese and dried fruit to go with the above
  • Eggs dressed with oil, wine, and garum
  • Watered wine (or beer if we want to go all barbarian)

Second Breakfast - Luncheon: Three tables with three themes from Imperial Rome (Maestra Fiamma the Unquenchable & HL Rycheza z Polska)

  • Lunch in a Noble Roman house:
    • Lettuce Omelette
    • Mushroom Omelette
    • Smoked Cheese
    • Cold Ham
    • Focaccia Bread
    • Olive Oil
    • Melons with Mint
    • Quince Paste
  • Lunch delicacies at the baths:
    • Oysters
    • Sauce for Oysters
    • Cumin Sauce
    • Sausages
    • Mustard sauce
    • Crispy Fried Chick Peas
    • Libum (cheesebread)
  • Lunch at the tavern:
    • Bean & Barley & vegetable soup
    • Pompeian Bread
    • Pickled Onions
    • Dates
    • Fig Cakes
    • Olives, Grapes, Nuts

Dinner - A dinner of Scappi selections (HL Ysolt Tayler of Windhill)

  • Scaciofali bonissimi - Roasted artichokes with rosemary olive oil
  • Carotte Arrostite - Roasted carrots with balsamic and cinnamon
  • Insalata di sparagi - Asparagus with balsamic and olive oil
  • Riso alla Lombarda - A layered dish of rice, cheese, eggs, chicken and sausage
  • Bove stufate con prugne & visciole - beef braised in wine with dried fruits

Supper - Delectable dishes from Byzantine-held Sicily (Countess Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne)

  • Yuverelakia
  • Rice Pozzallo
  • Ragusan Broth
  • Insalata Palermo
  • Lenticulum
  • Caeseus cum Recenti Fico (Figs with Ricotta Cheese)

Dessert - Dame Muireann inghean ui Mhuirneachain (lead chef) and Ora Baethen (asst. chef)

  • Dulcia Domestica Palmulis - Dates stuffed with almonds and pepper, then cooked in honey. Apicius #294
  • Crostate di Ciliegie - Tarts of Cherries
  • Bomboloni - A small fritter, may be filled with jam or custard. Based on Scappi V137
  • Jambals - Italian shortbread cookie popular during the Renaissance
  • Mulsum - Roman Honeyed Wine
  • Panna Bianca - A delicate custard topped with pistachios and rose petals
  • Italian Almond Cake - A dense cake of wheat flour and ground almonds



7:00:00 PM Cook's Prep
7:00:00 PM Masked Ball
7:00:00 PM Tavern


6:00:00 AM Cooks Prep
7:30:00 AM Gate Opens
8:00:00 AM First Breakfast
9:00:00 AM Arts and Sciences Display / Workgroup begins
9:00:00 AM Games Room Opens
11:00:00 AM Second Breakfast - Luncheon
2:00:00 PM Dinner
5:00:00 PM Supper
7:00:00 PM Dessert
10:00:00 PM Cleanup


9:00:00 AM Cleanup
9:00:00 AM Fall Crown Council

Masked Ball

Masked Ball on Friday!

On Friday starting around 8:00pm in the evening there will be a masked ball. This is a great opportunity to wear your most elaborate garb, along with a mask (which is optional), and come and join the fun with dancing and much merriment. If you are a musician, come to the ball. We need you!

THL Carith will be there to teach dances, so no experience is necessary. She has set up a tentative set list of 12 dances and if you have a local dance minister you are welcome to practice before hand. The dances are:

  1. Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (a Pavanne)
  2. Rufty Tufty right into Hearts Ease (2 English Country Dances)
  3. Queens Alman (Alman)
  4. Washerwoman's Bransle (Bransle)
  5. Gathering Peascods (English Country Dance)


  1. Black Alman (Alman)
  2. Merry Merry Milkmaids (English Country Dance)
  3. Casuelle la Nouvelle (Italian)
  4. Dargasson (English Country Dance)
  5. Lorayne Alman (Alman)
  6. korobushka (technically out of period but this is our traditional last dance)

Arts and Sciences Displays

Arts and Sciences at the Feast

The Kingdom Feast site will be hosting several rooms dedicated to the Arts and Sciences created by the people of our incredible Kingdom. In between the several courses served, come join us in the Arts & Sciences rooms for the following:

“Celebrating Italy” Display – in keeping with this year's feast theme, the focused theme for the display will be Italian, from early to late period. For more information on how to participate in the display, contact Marquessa Laurellen.

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Roadshow – Previous Arts and Sciences Single Entrants and Champions will have displays of their work and will be talking about their entries in detail. For more information on the Roadshow, please contact Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin.

Bardic Activities

Bardic Activities at the Feast!

There are going to be various bardic classes throughout the day of the feast. There are also performance time slots, providing time in front of those partaking of the feast, for various performers. These time slots run throughout the day.

If you are a poet, actor, singer, musician or do any other performance art and wish to perform at the feast, please contact the Bardic Coordinator, HL Skamp Widegrin for more information. We'd love to have you!

Marshallate Activities

Marshallate Activities at the Feast!

Heavy Tourney

The format will be round robin. Depending upon number of entrants there will be either a single or multi fields for the round robin. Opponents will fight with matched weapons with a choice of either two-handed sword or sword and buckler.

Prizes for tournament: One Styrkarr made rawhide sword for the overall winner and there will be another prize chivalry. Tentatively planning to have a prize for the inspiration of the overall victor.

The tournament will start c. 11 am, on Saturday of the Feast.

Rapier Tourney

Some tentative plans for the tourney: A trademark of the Italian styles of fence is the emphasis on the point over cutting, which has been stressed since the time of the Roman legions: The legions used to laugh at enemies who cut or slashed with their swords. Henceforth for this tournament only thrusts will count, no cutting allowed. Also each person entering the tournament must tell 1 fact of information about an Italian master during introductions. For example where they lived, taught, a technique they developed, how they died, where they traveled, who they learned from, etc.

Please note that the above information about the tourneys is tentative. More information will be coming as plans finalize!

Tavern/Games Night

Tavern and Games at the Feast Tavern Night!

For those not going to the Ball on Friday night - or for those taking a break from the dancing - come join us at the Red Dragon Inn for games, fun and a general good time! Souvenir tokens will be available for purchase and can be used to play some of the more interesting games. The proceeds from the souvenir sales will go to the Kingdom Raven Travel fund. The person ending the evening with the most tokens in his or her possession gets bragging rights for the rest of the weekend! This will be a BYOB tavern; brewers and vintners are encouraged to show off their products if they so wish and share their talents with those assembled.

Come join in the fun and prepare yourself for the amazing feast to come on Saturday- Red Dragon Inn at the Convention Center from 7pm until we’ve had all the excitement we can stand for one night. Perhaps we can even get in a round or two of the game created at last Kingdom Feast known as “When I was _____”. Rules to be explained at the event.

Other Activities

An Tir Wiki Help

Help will be available during the daytime for instruction and assistance with the An Tir Culture Wiki. Look for a gentle with a sign and computer.


Greetings unto the populace! The following awards were given at Kingdom Feast, 7 November:

  • Sarah Pixie Award of Arms Madrone
  • Kat Draygon Leo Minor Aquaterra
  • Baron Finn Grim Jambe de Lion Dragons Mist
  • Ciara Sayer Goutte De Sange Stromgard
  • Miranda Faoltiama Forget-me-not Stomgard
  • Thalia de Maccuswell Forget-me-not Glymm Mere
  • Lenora Truble Forget-me-not Barony of Seagirt
  • Alasdair Mac Roibeirt Forget-me-not Glymm Mere
  • Eadgyth de Chelched Forget-me-not Glymm Mere
  • Guillaume de Garrigues Forget-me-not Madrone
  • Annisa Elisabetta Gabrielli Forget-me-not Madrone
  • Madelena Vieri Forget-me-not Madrone
  • Cesare Caravaggio Forget-me-not Madrone
  • Disa i Birkilundi Forget-me-not Glymm Mere
  • Gera Gangolffin Forget-me-not Madrone
  • Elisabeth of Pendarvis Forget-me-not Aquaterra
  • John de Percy Forget-me-not Madrone
  • Inga Alreksdottir Goutte De Sange Dragon's Laire


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Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

Personal Memories

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Friday evening was very low key. Went to the Galway Irish Pub for dinner with friends, then checked out the gaming area - very sparsely attended - and the dance. Chatted with more friends until closing. Saturday had delicious food all day long. I especially enjoyed the braggarts duel. --Michelino di Gino Martini 02:55, 8 November 2015 (UTC)