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I am the service Geek formerly know as Tayla of Winds. I rejoined the SCA in An Tir in 1999 after first encountering the society in high school in Cynagua. Since then I've been an active member of Porte de l'Eau, Madrone, and the Kingdom of An Tir.


  • PDL Deputy Seneschal (2000-2002)
  • PDL Webminister (2 years)
  • PDL Seneschal (2002-2004)
  • Madrone Seneschal (2004-2007)
  • Kingdom Seneschal Contingency Deputy (2008-2009)
  • Kingdom Background Check Deputy (2008-2011)
  • Madrone Baronial Changeover Administrator (2004, 2010)
  • Madrone Baronial Confidence Polling Administrator (2007)
  • PDL Arts&Sciences (2013 – )
  • Culinary Guild Head (2014 - )

Event work:

  • Harvest Feast (2000) -- Co Autocrat
  • Twelfth Night Hosted by Madrone (2002) – Site copy
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet (2002) – Autocrat
  • Lionhearts (2004) – Gate Head
  • Bayou Tapestry (2004) – Autocrat
  • Kent Canterbury Demo(2004) -- Autocrat
  • Lionhearts (2006, 2007) – Website, site layout/map, site copy
  • Lionhearts (2007) – Website
  • September Crown Hosted by Madrone (2008) -- Event Schedule, Meeting Reservations, Eric Reservations, Land Reservations, Site Layout, SiteMap, Site setup, Site Cleanup/tear down, Contingency Autocrat, Gate volunteer and final count out
  • Lionhearts (2010) – Gate Head
  • May Crown hosted by Madrone(2013) -- Gate Head, Land Reservations, Eric Reservations, Site Layout, Site Setup, Site cleanup/tear down, Mentor, final count out
  • May Crown hosted by Madrone(2014) -- Gate Head, Land Reservations, Eric Reservations, Site Layout, Site Setup, Site cleanup/tear down, Mentor, final count out (We did a wash/Rinse/repeat and kept all the key area heads in place for the redux)

Food work:

  • Sven’s Dinners at Lionhearts (2000-2005) – Kitchen head or volunteer
  • Madrone Arts & Sciences (2003) – Kitchen Head (14th Century French)
  • Madrone Arts & Sciences (2006) – Kitchen Head (Illusion Dinner)
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet (2007) – Kitchen head (Scottish/French)
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet (2009) – Research Lead (High Medieval)
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet (2010) – Planning Triumverate (Spanish Redux)
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet (2011) – Kitchen Head and Secondary Research lead (Medieval Venetian)
  • West Coast Culinary Symposium (2011) – Co Kitchen Head
  • Lionhearts (2011) – Organized Taste of Madrone Dinner
  • Emprise of the Black Lion (2011) – Kitchen Head
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet (2012) – Kitchen Head and Research Lead (English Reformation)
  • Ermine Cross Bardic (2013) – Kitchen Head (High Medieval Redux)
  • Madrone Arts & Science (2014) - Co-Kitchenhead and Researcher
  • Vigils for Sir Heilyn de Highwater, Sir Geirleikr Veðrson, Mistress Alina of Folkstone
  • Elevation party for Mistress Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne
  • Lionhearts dessert auction (2007-2009)
  • Culinary Reconstruction(2006-present) -- Organizing monthly reconstructions on a periodic basis
  • General Kitchen Crew/Food volunteering (2003 - present)– Sven’s Dinners, PDL Pancake Breakfasts, Day of Dance, Baronial A&S, Field of Cloth of Gold, Baronial Banquet, Madrone Twelfth Night Parties, Vlad’s Slave Auction


  • PDL tournaments
  • Madrone Baronial Championships
  • Ermine Cross Bardic Tournaments
  • Ursalmas tournament
  • Kingdom Protector Lists (2010-2012) – Oversaw/ran on behalf of the Kingdom Lists Mistress
  • An Tir Crown/Champions/Queens Rapier Champion Tournaments (2001-2003, 2007-Present) – List Lady/Mentor
  • Squire’s Tourney (2006-2008) -- Oversaw/ran on behalf of Cainder


  • Day of Dance Lionhearts, Baronial A&S
  • An Tir Crowns, Coronations, Twelfth Nights
  • Known World Arts & Sciences, Known World Dance symposium
  • Estrella & Pennsic Wars

Voice Heraldry:

  • PDL & Madrone Tournaments & Courts, Ursalmas Tournaments
  • An Tir Crown/Champions Tournaments (2004-2006, 2011)
  • An Tir Royal Court (2005)
  • Pennsic Known World Court (2005)

Other volunteering:

  • Madrone Baronial Banquet Hall Layout diagram (Multiple years)
  • Event setup/tear down -- Lionhearts, Day of Dance, Baronial Banquet, Arts & Sciences, Ermine Cross Bardic,
  • Madrone Email List Administrator (2003- present)
  • Madrone Curia Transcriptionist (2007-2011)
  • Madrone business meeting location liaison (2005-2009)
  • Madrone Baronial Camp Master (Various events 2004-2010, 2013)
  • Madrone Baronial Policies Committee
  • Madrone Baronial Financial Policy Review Committee (2013-14)
  • Madrone Autocrat Handbook Committee
  • Madrone Baronial Pavilion setup/tear down
  • Creation, then refurbishment of Madrone SCA signs
  • Creation of 4 additional sets of Madrone Eric ropes
  • An Tir teamster crew – setting up or taking down the Royal or other Officer pavilions
  • Crier Mailing team (2000-2002)
  • Baronial Retinue for Anne Marie & Fiach, Ragnarr & Bergdis
  • Royal Retinue for Nicholaus Barchatov & Alyssia of Cameo Keep

Classes Taught/articles written/A&S displays:

  • How to Run a Kitchen (Ithra Co-Taught as a MCG project)
  • How to attend a feast
  • Pattern drafting for medieval hoods
  • Boil in Bag Cooking
  • Tablet Weaving Single Entry Madrone A&S (2005?)
  • Spanish Invasion -- A Dinner from early 17th Century Spain (Granado and Montino) -- Madrone A&S Single Entry (2014)
  • Turkish Clothing over view -- (survey of available research)

Mentoring/Process Improvement:

  • May Crown Gate Head (2013& 2014) - Worked with the head of Gate for Twelfth Night, rolled forward their best practices. Created How To docs for the Envelope system and turned over all documents and processes to the July Coronation Gate head, as well as having them come observe. I was unable to assist July Coronation Gate, but from all reports they found it to be a very successfully process.
  • Kingdom Event Gate Standardization -- Documents from May Crown 2013 have been handed off to all Exchequers around the kingdom, and a brief class/discussion given for those present at Twelfth Night regarding using the system. The system is to be used at all Kingdom events in 2014.
  • Baronial Banquet Post Mortem (2010-present) – created a process of doing an official Post Mortem meeting, including notes and rolling that learning forward to the next year.
  • Autocrat & Officer Mentor – Working with Madrone and PDL autocrats and Officers on historical lessons learned, acting as a sounding board
  • Kitchen head work training – I’ve worked to make the Kitchen Head and research process more transparent, and held the entire 2012 process in an open meeting format. A manual for how to Run a Kitchen the Madrone Culinary Guild way is in the works.


  • 14th century costuming
  • Turkish Costuming
  • Embroidery – Blackwork, Bayeau Tapestry
  • Knitting
  • Tablet weaving
  • Food Research (Emphasis on English, French, Spanish/Iberian sources, Medieval through 17th century)

An Tir Awards: http://op.antirheralds.org/index.php?who=3171


  • Forget Me Knot from Alyssa of Cameo Keep (2003)
  • Tsveti Madrone -- Culinary (2012)
  • Tsveti Madrone -- Hospitality (2014)