Tomas de Courcy

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Becoming Lions Gate's A&S Defender
Resides: Lionsdale
Date Started: May 2002
Awards: Jambe de Lion February 4, 2012 AS XLVI

Silver Pillar February 4, 2012 AS XLVI
Goutte de Sang April 10, 2010, AS XLIV
Award of Arms April 2, 2005, AS XXXIX

Ermine, on a pale endorsed vert,three roundels argent; passed

The Honorable Tomas de Courcy (JdL, GdS), Student to Mistress Inga the Unfettered.

Tomas de Courcy is a graduate from Oxford who is now employed as a tutor for Charles Blount’s children in This Year of our Lord 1535 in Apethorpe Northamptonshire, England.

Tomas first heard about the SCA at the Tretheway House Demo in Abbotsford. It was several years before he had both the money, time, and transportation to join the SCA, but he always kept an eye on it.

His first SCA event was the annual war between the Barony of Lions Gate and the Barony of Seagirt in AS XXXVI (2002). He and his Lady, Kayleigh de Leis, moved to the Kingdom of Avacal in 2015.

His SCA website may be found here: [1]


Baking & Cooking, Rapier, Thrown Weapons, Games, Story Telling, Heraldry, Marshaling, Pike.

Jambe de Lion February 4, 2012 AS XLVI by King Ieuan and Queen Gwyneth
Silver Pillar February 4, 2012 AS XLVI by Princess Lenora
Lion's Fang February 26, 2011 AS XLV by Baron James and Baroness Margaret
Scapula Leonis February 5, 2011 AS XLV
Goutte de Sang April 10, 2010, AS XLIV by Queen Adwen Wrenn
Award of Arms April 2, 2005, AS XXXIX by Princess Bernadette and Prince Ulf

Lionsdale Champion of Arts and Sciences February 2, 2013, AS XLVII - February 1, 2014 AS XLVIII
Baroness of Lions Gate's Champion of Combat June 6, 2010, AS XLIV - November 6, 2010, AS XLIV
Lions Gate Defender of Arts and Sciences February 6, 2010, AS XLIV - February 26, 2011 AS XLV



Lionsdale Webminister September 2009-2014
Lionsdale Seneschal August 2010-August 2012
Lionsdale Deputy Seneschal January 2010-August 2010
Lionsdale Deputy Minister of Rapier 2004-2005

Event Steward

Lionsdale Winter's Tourney February of AS XLVI
Tir Righ Heraldic Symposium April of AS XLIV with Hleafdige Thora Golvik and Lady Kayleigh de Leis
Lionsdale Champion's Tourney June of AS XLII with Her Ladyship Johanna Morgenstochter
Lionsdale Champion's Tourney June of AS XLI with his co-autocrat Lord John Shewan


The de Courcy Estate

Early Life

Tomas grew up the third son of a minor noble in South Eastern Norfolk between Norwich and Yarmouth, a short ride from the River Yare. The family has fared well over the last several generations due to the wool trade and advantageous copy-hold agreements.

Tomas' early life was taken up mostly with lessons and learning about the local trades: sheep and wool. He discovered a passion for his lessons young, and could often be found with his nose in a book of some form or another. Having little interest in trade, and no interest in sheep he decided to follow his brother in education and went to Oxford.

Oxford & Apethorpe

Beginning his education and being accepted into Corpus Christi College (thankfully he was the only candidate from the County of Lincon) Tomas decided that he would make his living by the scholarly arts. After having his Artium Baccalaureus conferred, and becoming a Licentiate the following year, Tomas was hired on by Charles Blount, Baron Mountjoy as a tutor for his children. He now resides in Apethorpe Northamptonshire, and frequently travels to London with Charles as a secretary.

Kayleigh de Leis

Kayleigh is the daughter of an Irish merchant with whom the de Courcys have business with. After meeting and falling in love with her Tomas was set a martial task by her before she would consent to marrying him. With the aid of two of his friends, Don Pierce O'Brien and Lord Sebastian de Sandoval, he won her challenge and she consented to the engagement. They were married the next year.