Sigga kausi Geiradotter

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Full Name and Style: Lady Sigga kausi Geiradotter, GdS, JdL

Branch: the Shire of Midhaven


(1) Previous to assuming her current identity, Lady Sigga had gone by the name of Fatima al-Zahra bint Khalid.
(2) Sigga kausi (meaning “kitten”) Geiradotter.


  • Fiber-craft: embroidery, blackwork, sewing, spinning, dying, weaving, silk painting and banner making
  • Scribal arts: calligraphy, illumination, cartography, and scholarly pursuits, as well as writing poetry, songs, and folk tales
  • Stone carving and jewelry/bead items
  • Plant-lore: herbs, apothecary, incense, and gardening
  • Archery
  • Repoussé
  • Heraldry: specifically book heraldry
  • Pottery, carving, and sculpting: though these have been an interest for some time, she has yet to dabble in their arts
  • Wood working


Order of the Snapdragon, Barony of Dragons Laire, 3 June 2006
Award of Arms, Kingdom of An Tir, 16 July 2006
Goutte de Sang, Kingdom of An Tir, 15 November 2014
Jambe de Lion, Kingdom of An Tir, 18 July 2015

An Tir Order of Precedence


- Student to Lord Michael FitzGeoffrey, GdS, 26 February 2014-9 September 2015

Positions Held

- Deputy Herald to the Midhaven Pursuivant, 14 August 2013-(current)
- Chronicler, Shire of Midhaven, 2013-(current)

Current and Near Future Activities

She is creating a Youth Activity Book as a complement to the Shire's family activities. Though it is somewhat small now, she will continue to add content. The first draft contains an 'event bingo' page, word search, maze, picture match, cross word, hidden image, word maker, and coloring pages. Though this first iteration is focused on younger audiences, a second book aimed at teens will follow.

As an extension of the office of Chronicler, she hopes to provide Shire-created content on a variety of topics for all ages in future. Her dream is to have a fully-stocked 'roving' library as a resource at events, complete with a large original and custom content selection.


Lady Sigga’s name and device were registered by the SCA College of Arms on the LoAR of August 2015. The blazon for the device is: Per saltire arrondi gules and sable a wolf rampant regardant within an orle argent.”