Leith Amhranai dal gCais

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Master Leith lives in Wyewood and is squired to Duke Skapti Thorinsson. He is a Laurel, a former Sergeant of Blatha an Oir, and the first An Tir Bardic Champion. He was previously squired to Sir Terrick de Rijkaard, and before that to Sir Valtorr of Oslo. Leith sings bass and plays guitar and all manner of guitar-like instruments, especially cittern, oud, mandolin, and more recently, banjo and bass. He also occasionally picks up a flute, recorder, or pennywhistle, and sometimes juggles. Leith can be seen frequently playing court music with his partner, Alisaundre ni Feidhlimidh dal gCais. Together, they are heads of the Dal gCais household.

Leith and Alisaundre have several recordings and play for weddings, private parties, medeival dance events, and other occasions. You can hear samples of their music at their Web site, Wandering Hands.