Alisaundre ni Feidhlimidh dal gCais

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Mistress Alisaundre lives in Wyewood but also plays in Madrone and Blatha an Oir. She is a former Courtier of Blatha an Oir and formerly the Kingdom Laurel Secretary. Alisaundre sings mezzo-soprano and plays a collection of rare and unusual bowed instruments, namely the lyra da braccio, rebec, and nyckelharpa (and occasionally a plain old violin.) She also plays hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and hand percussion. Alisaundre can be seen frequently playing court music with her partner, Leith Amhranai dal gCais. She and Leith are also heads of the Dal gCais household and hosts of the Bards of An Tir open encampment, hosted at May Crown, July Coronation, and September Crown.

Despite her obsession with late period music, Alisaundre is often seen wearing clothing consistent with her 5th century Irish persona or occasionally garbed as a 12th century Moorish woman.

Together, Leith and Alisaundre have several recordings. You can hear samples of their music at their Web site, [1].

Her apprentices include:

Alisaundre is an avid teacher and is happy to share her expertise with all things musical and research and documentation. She has, alas, lost most of her apprentices. To contact her, email